How to Get the Biggest Boost from your CEL-FI


We get lots of questions about optimizing CEL-FI signal booster performance in your office or home space. So in a nutshell, here’s what we tell our customers.

CEL-FI performance is determined by two main criteria. First, the window unit needs to be placed where it gets the most bars. Second, the coverage unit should be far enough away so that the coverage number is as high as you can get (the numbers range from 0 to 9). That might mean putting it on the opposite side of the house or office.

Just look how easy a unit is to install:

But if you see the “too far” red indicator come on, then you need to move the units closer together. You will also need to move them closer if you find your system loses the wireless link on occasion (i.e. the status goes to blinking mode and the coverage unit display cycles again).

If you’re not experiencing very high data rates, it could mean the donor cell may be too heavily loaded (i.e. the signal coming from the cell tower). In that case, try moving the window unit to another side of the building to see if you can pick up a donor signal from another cell tower.

Lastly, make sure both units are at least 3 ft. away from other transmitters such as Wi-Fi nodes, cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc. And if the signal level fluctuates on your units, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal because the radio environment changes continuously.

Having problems getting the performance you’re expecting? Tell us your story and we’ll help you figure it out.


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