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Why CEL-FI QUATRA Offers Better Coverage and signal Strength than Passive DAS

One of the issues with passive DAS (pDAS) or BDA (bi-directional amplifier) systems is that the cellular signal loses strength – also known as attenuation – the further the distance the remote unit is from the head end. That’s because pDAS is an analog system in which cellular signals are distributed over coax cable that […]

CEL-FI DUO Serves up Better Indoor Cellular Coverage for Restaurant Payment Processing

When you’re in the hospitality industry, seamless cellular coverage is a must for staff and guests alike. When it comes to operations within the hospitality industry, poor cellular coverage can also lead to problems with wireless systems used for payment processing in hotel restaurants and bars. For one global brand, a hotel at a popular […]

CEL-FI DUO+ Enhances the Retail Experience for Staff and Customers

Many retailers are embracing mobile as a means to engage customers and improve the in-person shopping experience. But for that to work effectively, you need a strong cellular signal throughout your operations. One nationwide sporting goods retail chain provides staff with tablets to do all sorts of activities, including check inventory; conduct customer surveys; answer […]

How CEL-FI PRO Improved Indoor Coverage for Police Services

Uninterrupted in-building cellular coverage is always important for residents and businesses. But for police services, it’s critical. Here’s a case in point. A police department was having coverage issues in different precincts scattered throughout the city. Because the buildings were largely stone and concrete, a cellular signal was only available within 10 feet of the […]