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How CEL-FI PRO Improved Indoor Coverage for Police Services

Uninterrupted in-building cellular coverage is always important for residents and businesses. But for police services, it’s critical. Here’s a case in point.

A police department was having coverage issues in different precincts scattered throughout the city. Because the buildings were largely stone and concrete, a cellular signal was only available within 10 feet of the front entrance, making it difficult to get consistent coverage beyond that area. That was a problem in situations where an officer escorting an inmate to court was unable to communicate with the officer in the holding cell. Or when an administrator working in the basement can’t communicate with the interrogation room to provide background information.

Even more critical was the two-way radio communication systems used by the police. Any breakdown in communications can have serious consequences for police, staff, and citizens.

Traditional in-building solutions were well beyond the available budget. So the carrier recommended a CEL-FI PRO Smart Signal Booster, which fills coverage gaps in areas up to 13,000 sq. ft.

Two demo units were installed in one of the busiest precincts. The installation of the Network Units (which draws the signal from the cell tower) and Coverage Units (which boost the signal indoors) took less than 30 minutes.

The result was strong coverage throughout the building, on every floor. Following this successful trial, CEL-FI PRO units were ordered for every precinct in the city. The most important outcome was that officers and administrators now have reliable coverage for their critical communications.