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CEL-FI DUO+ Enhances the Retail Experience for Staff and Customers

Many retailers are embracing mobile as a means to engage customers and improve the in-person shopping experience. But for that to work effectively, you need a strong cellular signal throughout your operations.

One nationwide sporting goods retail chain provides staff with tablets to do all sorts of activities, including check inventory; conduct customer surveys; answer pricing or product questions for customers on the shop floor; and point-of-purchase marketing.

However, in one 50,000 sq. ft. outlet, those staff that use tablets were having trouble connecting to the store’s network, making it more difficult for them to serve customers and resulting in slower service. The company’s carrier suggested an enterprise-grade femtocell that would cost almost $3,000. In addition to the high cost, there was another problem: connecting a femtocell to the company’s network would not meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.

The IT manager opted instead to go with a CEL-FI DUO+, which fills coverage gaps in areas up to 15,000 sq. ft. The first step was a trial run with two systems, each of which is comprised of one Network Unit (which draws the signal from the cell tower) and one Coverage Unit (which boosts the signal indoors). After watching a brief instructional video she was able to install both systems within 15 minutes.

After seeing the positive results, she ordered a third CEL-FI DUO+ to complete her coverage needs. Frontline staff are now happy they can rely on their tablets to help them do their job and keep their customers happy.