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CEL-FI DUO Serves up Better Indoor Cellular Coverage for Restaurant Payment Processing

When you’re in the hospitality industry, seamless cellular coverage is a must for staff and guests alike. When it comes to operations within the hospitality industry, poor cellular coverage can also lead to problems with wireless systems used for payment processing in hotel restaurants and bars.

For one global brand, a hotel at a popular tourist destination that was also known for hosting multiple conferences, weddings, and sports teams also ran a thriving restaurant service in three locations throughout the property. During peak times, its restaurants relied heavily on their hand-held payment processing machines to keep the flow of diners moving.

However, at this property, the cellular signals that enable communication between their payment systems and the payment infrastructure were weak. This led to frequent timeouts in the middle of transactions and the need for repeated attempts to process a debit or credit card payment. Not only was this frustrating to diners and slowing down seating for those waiting for a table, the delays took staff away from performing their primary duties.

The solution was to install CEL-FI DUO, a carrier-specific smart signal booster which eliminates dead zones in areas up to 13,000 sq. ft. Based on the configuration and location of each restaurant, the hotel opted to purchase five CEL-FI DUO systems, each of which is comprised of one Network Unit (which draws the signal from the cell tower) and one Coverage Unit (which boosts the signal indoors). Installation for all three restaurants was completed within 15 minutes, without the need for external cabling.

The difference in cellular coverage was immediate, leading to a much more efficient staff and happier customers.