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When your system does not power up, one of the following things could be happening. You could have a power adapter failure, a hardware failure, or the system could need a simple restart.

Make sure that you power source is a functional outlet. Test something else, that you know works in the same outlet, or try moving the GO to another outlet that you have confirmed has working power.

Still Not Working?

It is possible that you have a bad power supply, or malfunction of your GO hardware. Please reach out to your point of sale for further instructions. This is not something that should continue, but if it occurs frequently please reach out to your point of sale for support.

A blinking green or yellow status light indicates that your CEL-FI GO is still in the startup process. Depending on the complexity of your cellular network, this process can take some time. If the units is still blinking for more than 30 minutes please attempt a restart.

If, after switching power supplies both system are functioning properly then your CEL-FI GO system simply needed a restart. This is not something that should continue, but if it occurs frequently please reach out to your point of sale for support.

If your CEL-FI GO has a solid Status Indicator light in either yellow or green, the system is fully functional.

If your system has a solid (non-red) status light but your phone is not picking up a stronger cellular signal you might need to check the Service Antenna. Make sure that your Service Antenna is fully functional. You might try swapping out your Service Antenna with another device.

To find out more, please contact your point of sale.

There are several reason why your status light would be flashing red. The best way to determine the specific reason for your flashing light is to use the WAVE Mobile or Desktop application while connected to your device. For more information about CEL-FI WAVE please visit www.cel-fi.com/wave

There are several reason why your status light would be solid red. The best way to determine the specific reason is to use the WAVE Mobile or Desktop application while connected to your device. Learn more about CEL-FI WAVE.

There could be several reasons for this:

First you can try rebooting your phone near the Coverage Unit so it takes a fresh look at the available channels. Also verify that your phone is compatible with the channels that your CEL-FI model is boosting (maybe your handset is “unlocked” and actually does not fully support all your current Operator’s channels). iPhones can also show fewer “bars” of signal if the network is heavily loaded (learn more).

Note that CEL-FI RS1 and RS2 models do not support LTE. If your phone is LTE capable and therefore is not showing boosted service, if needed it is designed to switch over to non-LTE services when it needs to, such as in a call. This is true with or without CEL-FI and what matters is that now you have reliable service where you need it!

If you would like the benefits of LTE service as well, you can always upgrade your CEL-FI to a newer version that also supports LTE.

There are a few reasons why your phone would experience an issue with the LTE service.

You may not have LTE in your area, your CEL-FI system may have lost the LTE signal due to intermittent network outages, or your phone may not support LTE.

Check to see that your phone shows an LTE signal in the location of your Network Unit.

The process is very simple and just takes a minute by following the link below to your Operator’s Registration site.  If your system was provided by your Operator it may be preregistered (see product box insert).

In the USA:

Why is this being done?  Because cellular systems are protected assets of the Operators that own them.  Many boosters in the market cause problems for those networks (which means all of us using the networks too).  New FCC/Operator approved boosters are better and don’t cause problems, and CEL-FI is the only booster in a special class of boosters that allows 100 dB of signal gain (30 dB or 1000x the gain of all other boosters).

If you have no bars, your Unit may still trying to find the incoming cellular network signal. Your Unit may display a blinking power indicator light. This can sometimes take more than a few minutes.
If you have bars of service on your phone in the location of your GO, and after 60 minutes you are still unable to receive bars of service on your Unit try a simple restart. To restart your Unit simply unplug for a moment and then plug back in. If the restart does not solve the issue please reach out to your point of sale for support.

CEL-FI signal boosters are Operator specific, and will only boost one Operator’s channels at a time. Being Operator specific is one of the main reasons that we are network safe and can provide 100 dB of signal gain, and why we are the only signal booster approved by a growing number of Operators.

Error Messages

The cellular signal is too weak to boost.
Try this…check the connection between your Donor Antenna and GO Unit. Confirm that your antenna is properly connected and working. You may need to try another Donor Antenna. Using your cellular device, try to find a location with at least one consistent bar of 3G, 4G or 4G LTE where the cellular device’s performance is satisfactory. More bars is always better! Once you have found a usable signal, place your Donor Antenna in this location.

Your GO is overheating. Please ensure that your GO is clear of any blockage. If you have your GO in the exceptionally warm area you may need to relocate the device to ensure that this unit does not continue to overheat. Once GO has cooled it will operate as normal.
Normal operating temperature of the CEL-FI unit is 0-40ᵒ Celsius.

Before use you must register this device. Systems can be registered HERE.

Your GO Unit is experiencing a hardware failure.
Try this…Reset your Unit. To do this simply unplug your GO from the power source for a few seconds and plug it back in.
If you recently updated the device using WAVE, try updating the software again. If the error persists please contact your point of sale for further assistance.

Your system has been disabled by the mobile network operator. Contact your point-of-sale for further assistance.

Your Donor Antenna is too close to a cellular tower. This may result in a reduced output power (smaller coverage bubble) to limit network interference.
If you have satisfactory boost in cellular service you can ignore this message. Otherwise move your Donor Antenna to another physical location.

Your system has been moved from its original address. Please move the system back to its original location or register your new address with your wireless provider. Systems can be registered HERE.

During a system check a part of your unit’s configuration has reported less than optimal performance. The system could be displaying a non-critical error message. If you have a boost in cellular service at your service antenna you can ignore the E12 message. If you do not have boosted signal, check to confirm that both your service antenna and donor antenna are properly connected and functional.  If the antennas checkout, the boost number on the unit is high and you still don’t have a boosted signal try restarting the unit.
If you recently updated the software of your device, try again. If the error persist please contact your point of sale for further assistance.

Your Service Antenna is Too Close to your Donor Antenna. Try moving the antennas further apart, starting with the Service Antenna.

RMOE Error Messages

GO RMOE has been accessed. Please ensure door is closed and locked to prevent access and ensure weather proofing.

The GO RMOE input has dropped below 12V. Please check the power source to ensure operation.

GO RMOE has experienced a high temperature event. Please monitor to prevent long term damage.

GO RMOE has lost internet connectivity. Please check the modem and all connections.

There is a Bluetooth connection issue and the GO system cannot connect to the GO RMOE. Please check the GO unit and Modem Support Platform for connectivity.

GO system has Bluetooth connection to GO RMOE, but it is not boosting. Check the GO unit for errors.

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