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Nextivity’s CEL-FI Smart Signal Booster for T-Mobile Receives FCC Certification

Industry’s only carrier-specific booster offers the best performance and coverage for T-Mobile subscribers.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – March 4, 2014 – Nextivity Inc. today announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified its CEL-FI Smart Signal booster for T-Mobile subscribers. CEL-FI is the only carrier-specific booster that complies with the new Part 20 Rules outlined in the FCC regulations guiding the use of consumer boosters on licensed spectrum.

The new FCC Part 20 Rules for consumer signal boosters addresses two different categories: carrier-specific boosters and wideband boosters. Carrier-specific signal boosters like CEL-FI are designed to work on a specific carrier’s network, and have advanced network protection mechanisms. As a result, the FCC permits higher system gains of up to 100dB. That translates into 1,000 times the gain of analog boosters and a much wider area of coverage (up to 13,000 sq. ft.) within a building.

Unlike carrier-specific signal boosters, analog wideband boosters operate on multiple frequencies and carrier networks. Due to the risk of interference on carrier spectrum, the FCC has capped system gain limits for these boosters at 70dB (for 700Mhz) and 72dB (for 1.7/2.1Ghz). A booster with a lower system gain limit provides a smaller area of signal coverage.

“The inclusion of a carrier-specific category within the FCC’s new consumer booster guidelines is significant for our customers who value CEL-FI’s higher gain and broad area of coverage. Our all-digital, 100% wireless, smart signal boosters are not only insanely simple to install, but also embody the most advanced technology in this market,” says Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity. CEL-FI is the only plug and play booster approved by the FCC. As an all-wireless booster, CEL-FI does not require any cables or antennas, and can be installed in minutes.

“Carriers know that the advanced technology built into our booster translates into a much greater area of signal coverage for their subscribers, fewer dropped calls, higher call quality, and faster data speeds, which in turn results in a significantly higher rate of customer retention and new customer acquisition,” he continued. “With the FCC certification in place for CEL-FI, T-Mobile subscribers can continue to use CEL-FI to address their indoor coverage issues once the new regulations come into effect.”

All signal boosters sold after April 1, 2014 must comply with the new FCC guidelines.

CEL-FI for T-Mobile is available immediately from and authorized partners.

About Nextivity Inc.
Headquartered in San Diego, Nextivity Inc. develops the CEL-FI Smart Signal Booster, which is authorized by 139 leading global carriers (including AT&T and T-Mobile) in 70 countries for use on their networks. Nextivity’s engineering team has leveraged advanced signal processing and intelligent antenna design to develop the world’s only self-configuring, environmentally aware indoor coverage systems. Additional information is available at, on Twitter @5bars, and on Facebook (

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