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Nextivity Launches New CEL-FI PRO Smart Signal Booster

Third-generation smart signal booster addresses the challenges of poor indoor cellular coverage; significantly increases LTE data speeds and supports VoLTE capable devices

SAN DIEGO, Calif.September 8, 2014 – Nextivity Inc. today unveiled CEL-FI PRO, its third-generation smart signal booster for 3G, 4G and LTE (including VoLTE). The all-new CEL-FI PRO is the first commercially available smart signal booster built on Nextivity’s third-generation CEL-FI baseband processor. It automatically adapts to the indoor environment to maximize cellular coverage, now supports LTE, provides 10 times the gain of earlier versions, and uses patented echo-cancellation algorithms for stronger signals in the coverage area. CEL-FI PRO is the world’s first all-digital, multi-operator yet provider-specific signal booster, and is immediately available in the U.S. for AT&T subscribers, and globally for other mobile network operators.

“We are once again breaking new ground with the introduction of the most advanced signal booster on the market today,” said Werner Sievers, President and CEO of Nextivity. “CEL-FI PRO is powered by the highly intelligent and customized multi-core processor we developed, providing mobile subscribers with superior voice and data services indoors. For carriers, CEL-FI PRO significantly improves network capacity, increases customer retention and reduces churn.”

While 41% of U.S. households now rely solely on mobile phones to make or receive calls, and more than 70% of all mobile phone calls originate indoors , mobile subscribers continue to experience dropped calls, poor voice quality, or dead zones inside their homes or offices. “People are increasingly relying on their mobile phones as their primary mode of communication, making indoor cellular coverage more critical than ever before,” said Sievers.

Unparalleled intelligence, functionality, and performance

CEL-FI PRO is the first signal booster to maximize both capacity and coverage by automatically configuring and prioritizing the use of available bands. The added capacity means that less-frequently used bands can be tapped to create a better overall experience for users, including no dropped calls and higher data throughput. With CEL-FI PRO, users will experience improved voice coverage (in indoor spaces of up to 13,000 sq. ft. or 1,200 sq. m.), and four times the data throughput for HSPA+/LTE.

Product features include:
• Up to four bands with channels of 5, 10, 15 or 20MHz to support up to 35MHz of boosted bandwidth.
• 100 dB max system gain establishes CEL-FI PRO as the most powerful booster available on the market.
• Automatic configuration in the selection of UMTS/HSPA+/LTE bands.
• Plug-and-play functionality means no need for external antennas, cabling or subscriber configuration. CEL-FI PRO is quite simply the easiest booster to install, ensuring users have a strong cellular signal within minutes after plugging it in.
• Carrier-specific design for optimal performance, and zero interference to the macro network or to other carriers.
• Color display screens deliver an easy-to-use graphical interface that provides a whole system view of installation and device status to maximize system performance.
• Enhanced echo cancellation delivers an improved signal throughout the coverage “bubble”.
• Full support for VoLTE to ensure continuous high quality voice calls, while simultaneously streaming high-speed data to other users.
• “Smart” band selection determines the most efficient and best quality bands in real time, including LTE channels that were previously too weak to register signals.
• Self-Organizing Network (SON) capability auto-configures, optimizes, and manages how CEL-FI PRO fills gaps in indoor coverage. It also enables the deployment of the smart signal booster as part of small cell networks in enterprise environments.
• A new software and communications architecture – featuring cloud connectivity, Bluetooth Low-Energy enabled hardware, and a mobile app – will enable remote communication with and management of the CEL-FI system via the Nextivity cloud. In addition, Nextivity has streamlined the registration process, making it as simple as pressing a button on the mobile app.

According to Sievers, “As signal boosting as a class of indoor technologies moves from niche to mainstream status, and as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes commonplace in the market, CEL-FI will play an increasingly prominent role as a key IoT enabler – not only ensuring connectivity for cellular based IoT devices but also ensuring backhaul or Internet connectivity for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices as well.”

CEL-FI PRO is available to consumers in the U.S. for the AT&T network and can be purchased from or authorized resellers. It is currently being rolled out to other mobile network operators in global markets, including EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.

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