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Nextivity Launches CEL-FI GO+ for all major US and Canadian Carriers

Upgraded CEL-FI GO+ All-in-One Smart Signal Booster is both a stationary and mobile solution in a single unit

SAN DIEGO – Nextivity Inc. announced today the launch of the CEL-FI GO+ Smart Signal Booster. Expanding on the award-winning CEL-FI GO technology first released in America in 2017 for use on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks, CEL-FI GO+ is now approved for use on all major carrier networks in the United States and Canada, additionally including, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, GCI Alaska, Rogers, TELUS, Bell Mobility, SaskTel, Freedom Mobile, Vidéotron, and Eastlink. CEL-FI GO+ is the only solution that meets both mobile and stationary needs from the same device.

“By providing a single unit for mobile or fixed applications, CEL-FI GO+ provides integrators with greater flexibility for a wide variety of applications, including in-building, remote, outdoor, IoT, marine, RV, and transportation,” says Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity. “Customers can now have all of their coverage needs met by one solution, making it easier and more efficient to provide signal.”

CEL-FI GO+ in stationary mode is designed to boost cellular in signal challenged spaces, delivering up to 15,000 square feet of coverage per unit. Solve coverage problems created by building materials, obstructions, and weak macro signals. Whether in an office, warehouse, basement, or even inside a bunker; CEL-FI GO+ can deliver Voice and Data to your phone or IoT device. CEL-FI GO+ in mobile mode allows you stay connected on the move, dynamically connecting from tower to tower. It is also ideal for use by first responders, who depend on reliable cellular communication to save lives and mitigate property damage.

CEL-FI GO+ offers industry-leading 100 dB gain in stationary mode—1000 times greater than other offerings—to provide the highest carrier grade performance available. The same device can be easily switched to mobile mode with built-in software switching to deliver 65 dB gain—which is up to 100 times greater than other solutions on the market, for vehicles and boats on the move.

CEL-FI GO+ is included in several different bundle solutions with antennas for specific applications, including: CEL-FI GO X In-building / IoT / Remote, CEL-FI GO RV/Trucker, CEL-FI GO Marine, CEL-FI GO Vehicle, and CEL-FI GO Portable. CEL-FI GO+ will be available to order by U.S. and Canadian Distributors by August 1st. Existing CEL-FI GO M / X are upgradeable via CEL-FI WAVE Software update.