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Nextivity Increases Fiber Portfolio with the Launch of CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Range Extenders

Devices expand Nextivity’s fiber presence and provide a cost-effective fiber solution for CEL-FI QUATRA systems worldwide

At Mobile World Congress 2021 (MWC21), Nextivity Inc. announced today the expansion of its fiber technology and capabilities with the release of the CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Range Extenders. Joining the CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 Fiber Hub in Nextivity’s portfolio of fiber products, the CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Range Extenders (QFREs) are designed and approved to support all major carrier networks around the world. The devices offer added flexibility for CEL-FI QUATRA installations by increasing the distance between Network Units and Coverage Units up to 2 kilometers (1.24 miles).

Compatible with all CEL-FI QUATRA hybrid active DAS in-building enterprise cellular systems, QFREs provide a cost-effective fiber alternative for installations with large coverage areas. Ideal for tall structures, campuses, and multi-building installations that rely on long fiber runs, QFREs significantly enhance the configuration possibilities of the CEL-FI QUATRA that boasts the industry-leading signal gain of up to 100dB, by extending its reach through optical fiber without any signal loss.

The CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Range Extenders are available in two kit variations—one for QUATRA 1000/2000 systems and another for QUATRA 4000 systems—with each kit including an NU fiber range extender, a CU fiber range extender, and a power adapter. In addition to supporting different fiber configurations, including single mode and multi-mode, the QFREs connect to the NUs and CUs via category cabling and provide multiple power options. Alongside a CEL-FI QUATRA system, the QFREs can be installed and provide dependable cellular connectivity across long distances within weeks, as opposed to months of other solutions.

Key features include:

  • Fiber solution to increase the distance between NU and CU for up to 2 kilometers
  • Versatility allows for use with all CEL-FI QUATRA system architectures
  • Hybrid cable (FO + Copper) compatible

“The release of the CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Range Extenders is the latest example of our commitment to expanding our fiber product line. Based on feedback from our partners, increased fiber connectivity and expanded reach for CEL-FI QUATRA systems have been among the biggest needs. We are thrilled to deliver another product that brings CEL-FI’s industry-leading signal gain to the largest installations,” said Michiel Lotter, CTO of Nextivity. “This product offers partners and installers a new level of flexibility to tackle coverage issues in enterprise and remote locations with the same cellular performance that CEL-FI QUATRA solutions provide.”


The CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Range Extenders are available globally. Integrators and operators can place orders for QFREs via Nextivity’s master distributors, while end customers can buy through Nextivity’s network of resellers. The QUATRA Fiber Range Extenders are compatible with CEL-FI QUATRA 1000, 2000, 4000, 4000i, and 4000e systems. For more information, visit CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Ranger Extender.