QUATRA brings reliable indoor coverage

CEL-FI QUATRA is Deployed to Bring Reliable Coverage Indoors Allowing Building Occupancy


Two-floor building with 40,000 square feet of new office space
• No cellular coverage inside for AT&T and Verizon subscribers
• Deployed a BDA DAS solution which performed poorly


• Immediate signal improvement to a large indoor area
• Network safe and economical to install
• Customer was happy with the simplicity of the deployment

The Challenge

An oil and gas company in Texas leased just over 40,000 square feet of new office space which was comprised of two floors, a lobby, and a training facility. The company discovered during the final walk-through that there was no cellular coverage inside for AT&T and Verizon subscribers. They declined occupancy until coverage was guaranteed.

Building management called in SignalBoosters, a leading provider of commercial signal boosting and wireless solutions. The company deployed a traditional bi-directional amplifier (BDA) distributed antenna solution (DAS) solution. This worked for a while, but then the carrier network outside began to fluctuate, causing the system to perform poorly. Network congestion in the area was making it difficult for network operators to achieve the capacity needed to support demand.

“We used a variety of connectors, couplers, and quadroplexors in an effort to isolate different frequencies,” explains Brandon Davis, vice president of enterprise at SignalBoosters. “At one point, we had four donor antennas servicing one amplifier because we had to isolate each frequency band independently.”

The spotty service went on for months. The company’s top salesperson couldn’t make outbound calls, and inbound calls to him were often dropped. This was having a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.

Signal Boosters.com

  • Founded in 2011, with corporate offices in Houston and San Antonio, Texas
  • Leading provider of commercial signal boosting and wireless solutions
  • Solutions for enterprise and big business, public safety, home, and vehicles
  • Named an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company in 2014

The Solution

When the CEL-FI QUATRA enterprise in-building cellular solution became available, Davis and his team returned to the customer site to replace the existing solution. “One QUATRA MIMO antenna was able to service the whole area, because it was able to deal with the ambient noise quite a bit better than the other solution,” says Davis. “This speaks to the strength and quality of the CEL-FI QUATRA solution.”

  • High-quality solution for the middleprise
  • Supports multi-carrier 3G/4G/LTE voice and data
  • Carrier-approved and unconditionally network safe
  • Can be monitored and managed using CEL-FI WAVE

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