The Most Hackable Gifts for the Holiday Season



Hacking conversations typically revolve around connected businesses, homes, cars or government agencies. But here’s one hacking activity you might not have thought of. Intel Security has released this report on the most hackable gifts of the holidays. And while the results likely won’t influence your buying decisions, it’s worth a look.

Here are some highlights on the top hackable gifts:

  1. Smart watches and fitness trackers. The report says that with access to a smartphone a hacker could potentially read emails, SMS or install malicious software for identity theft purposes.
  2. Smartphones and tablets. Intel Security says an attacker could impersonate a Bluetooth device and steal information.
  3. Drones and camera-enabled devices. A hacker could take advantage from someone connecting to an open and unsecured Wi-Fi network.
  4. Kid gadgets, including ebooks, social apps and remote control cars. Intel Security says there have been examples of people hacking into baby monitors or nanny cams. And as far as kids’ gadgets go, parents should give some thought to how they are being used.

So as not to be Grinch-like over the whole thing, Intel Security also offers up some valuable tips, such as using caution when connecting over public wireless hotspots, creating unique passwords, making sure security software is up to date, and turning off Bluetooth when a device is not in use. There’s more information in this blog post from Gary Davis at Intel Security, if you’re interested.

So what’s your #1 tech item on your wish list?

By the CEL-FI Team


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