CEL-FI PRO Keeps Retail Chains in Touch with their Stores


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It may not be something you notice, but retail chains rely on their cellular connectivity for more than just voice services. Cellular services are often used by store personnel to look up information for customers, as well as for data transfers between store systems and head office. When the cellular coverage isn’t reliable two things can happen: staff can’t serve their customers properly, and mission critical data transfers can get interrupted.

For any retail chain with multiple stores, there’s no guarantee that every location will have good cellular coverage. They might be too far from the nearest cell tower, or located in concrete buildings that can block signals.

So what’s a retail operator to do? One global retail chain solved their problems by installing CEL-FI PRO in locations where cellular coverage was an issue. Not only was CEL-FI PRO easy to install, it also offered a quick and cost-effective way to make sure cellular service is not disrupted when employees use their mobile devices to serve customers. Plus, POS data now also makes its way to head office without interruption.

Since CEL-FI PRO systems were installed in multiple locations, the IT group for this retail chain was able to manage them all from head office using the CEL-FI WAVE app.

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