Nextivity Survey Tracks Indoor Cellular Coverage by the Numbers



There are many claims out there about indoor coverage issues, addressing everything from how widespread the problem is and how many people it impacts to how mobile subscribers choose to address the challenges, etc. So we thought it was time to conduct our own survey with 500 consumers across the U.S. to get their perspective.

What we confirmed was that 50% of cellular users experience some level of poor quality of dropped cell phone calls at home. No real surprises there since various studies have turned up similar results.

But here’s one item that definitely caught our eye: 74% of people never contact their mobile operators about problems with their indoor coverage. Instead they try and figure out ways to improve indoor coverage on their own.

There are ways to fix the problem without having to constantly move to windows or go out on your balcony to get a clear signal. In fact that’s exactly what CEL-FI Smart Signal Boosters® are specifically designed to do.

So if you are experiencing indoor coverage issues, make sure you reach out to your mobile network operator to see what options that have. You might be surprised at how easy it can be to fix the problem. Or you can always contact us directly at to find out more.

Do you have trouble spots for your home coverage? And if so, did you ever call your mobile operator to ask if they have a solution for you?

By the CEL-FI Team


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