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Powertec Enables Dairy with Reliable Mobile Connectivity

One of the Gold Coast’s oldest businesses has milked the talents of one of the city’s fastest growing companies in a partnership aimed at increasing efficiency and eliminating paper use.

Farmer-owned dairy cooperative Norco engaged global hardware and communications company Powertec Telecommunications to boost mobile signal strength at their Gold Coast factory.

About the Project

Norco’s Gold Coast general manager Sandra Hollands said now is the right time to implement a paperless environment and realises it takes expertise to overcome challenges that cropped up in what was initially thought would be a straightforward process.

“Due to the design and building materials used in the construction of our Gold Coast factory. reliable mobile connectivity wasn’t available. We needed some expert advice and hardware to enact our plans,” she said.

Using eight of its CEL-FI GO products – an indoor and outdoor smart signal repeater – Powertec provided Norco with four clusters of signal amplifiers that they positioned through various locations in the factory to increase the Telstra signal. This provided the reliable mobile connectivity needed to improve operatons at the dairy.

This article was originally published by Gold Coast Bulletin

About Powertec

Powertec parters with Nextivity to deliver CEL-FI mobile connectivity solutions in Oceania.  Powertec wireless communication offerings aim to make a difference in people’s lives. We ensure they can communicate and connect, no matter where they are. The products Powertec offer are intelligent, reliable and durable for optimal connectivity and best possible performance. Through commitments partners and manufacturers, Powertec has secured exclusive distributorship in Australia and New Zealand for many complementary products. Our selection has attracted over 2,000 resellers and retailers, local and international.

The company teamed up with Nextivity in 2012 – becoming the Australia Pacific distributor of CEL-FI  repeaters for reliable mobile connectivity. It’s a first-of-its-kind consumer product with approvals by all mobile carriers in Australia and New Zealand. Nextivity is a leading developer of cellular coverage technology.

Powertec’s product reliability and onboard intelligence is the reason their network continues to grow. They offer effective wireless coverage and technology solutions in addition to products that work in harmony with cellular networks.