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Nextivity Unveils New In-Building Public Safety Solution

Nextivity unveiled its new CEL-FI Quatra Red in-building public safetyEmergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS) solution.

Nextivity said in a release that its new CEL-FI Quatra Red provides public safety communications for small-to-medium businesses up to to enterprise-size buildings, and features the same architecture that helped CEL-FI Quatra to be widely adopted by with carriers, integrators, building owners, and public safety officials.

The company also said the new CEL-FI Quatra Red will be available in the first quarter of 2020.

CEL-FI Quatra Red is the third product from Nextivity designed specifically for the public safety market. In 2018, the CEL-FI Go Red FirstNet Booster was announced in partnership with FirstNet by AT&T for SMB buildings and emergency response situations. CEL-FI Go Red portable partner solution kits were then unveiled this summer, providing support for multiple carriers for mobile and emergency scenarios.

“Designing a new approach to in-building public safety equipment has been a three-year journey for Nextivity. By leveraging our award-winning technology and incorporating feedback from integrators and public safety professionals, we have designed CEL-FI solutions that are specifically for the public safety market and backed by our 100% performance assurance,” said Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity. “Whether we are addressing the requirements mandated by the certificate of occupancy or those of the local public safety authority, our all-new CEL-FI Quatra Red delivers a complete solution that exceeds current industry performance levels and is easy to install.”

CEL-FI Quatra Red claims to be the first public safety repeater solution to include both Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and FirstNet in one integrated package. It supports four cellular LTE bands (4, 12, 25 and 14) and 700 and 800 MHz LMR, with individual donor ports, Nextivity said.

The solution contains all the elements an integrator or building owner needs to get a Certificate of Occupancy, including a Communications and Battery Backup unit, a Remote Annunciator Panel, and an Emergency Power-Off Switch (EPO) that can be located with the main components or easily placed in a remote location with other fire alarm gear, the firm added.

In addition to the hardware to facilitate public safety certification, Nextivity also delivers mobile applications and a SOC 2, Type 1 carrier-grade, cloud-based portal to enable easy CEL-FI Quatra Red commissioning and optimization, and real-time remote monitoring. Nextivity channel partners can also deliver service agreements as part of the value proposition, along with performance assurances to customers. It also provides partners with new sources of revenue, Nextivity said.

CEL-FI Quatra Red will be available in multiple versions to address the deployment needs of each district. Integrators will be able to purchase CEL-FI Quatra Red via Nextivity’s master distributors, and end customers through Nextivity’s network of resellers.

A version of this article was originally published by In-Building Tech