How to Get More Storage Space on your iPhone



Everyone knows there are some great how-to videos to be found online. Here’s one we came across from Business Insider that demonstrates how to clear your iPhone when it starts running out of room.
It goes through the steps pretty quickly, so to make things easier, here’s some step-by-step instructions:

  1. Check your storage space. Go to: Settings> General> Usage> Manage> Storage – Delete whole apps from the storage menu OR delete apps one-by-one from the home menu
  2. Delete podcasts and music
  3. Delete TV shows and movies (the iCloud icon shows videos not saved on your phone)
  4. Delete photos and videos
  5. Clear recently deleted photos and videos
  6. Disable photo stream and duplicate HDR images. Go to: Settings> Photos and Camera> My Photo Stream and Keep Normal Photo
  7. Delete messages and message threads
  8. Limit message history to 30 days. Go to: Settings> Messages> Keep Messages>. Changing it from “Forever” to “30 Days” will delete all text messages and message attachments from your device that are older than 30 days.
  9. Enable video message expiration after 2 minutes. Go to: Settings> Messages> Video Messages> Expire After 2 Minutes
  10. Ensure audio messages are set to expire after 2 minutes. Go to: Settings> Messages> Audio Messages> Expire After 2 Minutes

Follow these steps and you should have ample room to enjoy new apps and activities on your iPhone.

Do you have suggestions for making more space on Android and other devices?

By the CEL-FI Team


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