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CEL-FI’s Expanded ERCES Public Safety Lineup Delivers Uncompromising Coverage in Any Situation

Nextivity launches new and enhanced public safety products at IWCE

Nextivity, which develops its line of CEL-FI products that deliver connectivity for enterprise, business, residential spaces, and mobile cellular and public safety communication needs, announced the launch of new and enhanced products this week at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas.

CEL-FI Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES)

Nextivity announced the continued evolution and enhancement of its public safety offerings with the CEL-FI Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES). The solution delivers capabilities that weren’t previously available for the public safety sector, including real-time donor signal analysis and end-to-end system monitoring. By reducing barriers to entry and offering reliable LMR and FirstNet coverage, CEL-FI’s public safety solutions will ensure that first responders are connected when communication is critical.

CEL-FI QUATRA RED Integrated Public Safety DAS

CEL-FI QUATRA RED is the first all-digital in-building public safety solution in the market with built-in installation tools, monitoring, and a no noise guarantee. According to Nextivity, CEL-FI QUATRA RED is the only ERCES solution to concurrently provide LMR coverage and true carrier-grade, multi-band support for FirstNet. The company says that in addition to delivering the industry’s best talk-in and talk-out performance with a no noise guarantee, QUATRA RED offers real-time, end-to-end system monitoring and management through the CEL-FI WAVE PRO application or CEL-FI WAVE Portal. Through its public safety ecosystem, Nextivity aims to significantly reduce installation time and costs by bringing together comprehensive support from the planning stages to implementation and QUATRA RED’s Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) architecture.

Among the new components of the solution is a new Management Unit (MU), which functions as the central communication system between the Fire Alarm Control Unit (FACU), head-end Network Unit (NU), and a new Battery Backup Unit (BBU), providing an open-platform solution that is compatible with third-party components such as battery backup systems, wind-rated donor antennas, and Knoxx Emergency Power-Off switches.

CEL-FI QUATRA RED Fiber Range Extender

Nextivity also debuted its all-new CEL-FI QUATRA RED Fiber Range Extender (FRE) accessory, which provides added flexibility and reach by increasing the distance between the headend Network Unit (NU) and internal distribution Coverage Units (CU) up to 1.4 kilometers (0.85 miles).

FRE is compatible with all CEL-FI QUATRA RED systems and provides a cost-effective fiber alternative for installations in large coverage areas such as tall structures, campuses, and multi-building installations that rely on long fiber runs. The FRE leverages technology in Nextivity’s lineup of fiber solutions (i.e., the CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 Fiber Hub and CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Range Extender (QFRE), and uses optical fiber to significantly enhance the configuration options for QUATRA RED and extend its performance without any signal loss.

“As an engineering company, innovation is in our blood,” Nextivity CEO Michiel Lotter said in a statement. “We began the journey into public safety solutions five years ago with the goal of bringing to market a more advanced solution that makes installation easier and buildings safer for our public safety officials. We are committed to being the leader in ERCES public safety communications and have listened to our partners, public safety officials, and building ownership groups to continue to eliminate their emergency communications challenges. Our continued innovations with CEL-FI QUATRA RED represent the next step in the evolution, and we’re not finished yet.”

CEL-FI QUATRA RED is currently available exclusively in the United States from Nextivity distributor partners, and the new components will be available in January 2022.


Nextivity also introduced the CEL-FI SOLO RED Integrated Public Safety BDA, which is geared to advance the company’s public safety offerings. SOLO RED helps ensure reliable emergency communication in small-to-mid-sized buildings. It also leverages CEL-FI’s public safety technology to bring signal processing and remote monitoring capabilities to LMR low-power ERCES solutions. SOLO RED also offers “unmatched talk-in and talk-out performance” and the industry’s “simplest and most robust installation experience,” according to Nextivity.

CEL-FI SOLO RED uses real-time system monitoring and offers a no-noise guarantee. The system uses positioning and environmental factors to automatically set and optimize uplink transmit power. To ensure the best possible performance, SOLO RED works alongside the CEL-FI COMPASS smart RF handheld scanner and CEL-FI WAVE PRO app to allow integrators to perform CEL-FI’s uplink (UL) and built-in grid tests. These tests allow installers to prepare for AHJ walk-throughs, accelerating the process of achieving occupancy certificates for building owners.

As the first solution in this class to monitor donor signal quality, CEL-FI SOLO RED and the CEL-FI WAVE Portal enable system integrators and AHJs to detect common installation issues such as Time Delay Interference (TDI) and building-to-building interference. The system also offers real-time high site-to-server antenna monitoring and reports performance metrics through the WAVE Portal.

“Based on the feedback from partners, integrators, and customers, we set out to engineer a public safety solution that is ideal for smaller structures and combines our renowned performance advantage and ease-of-installation with network safe and no noise guarantees,” Lotter said. “As a breakthrough product with an unmatched feature set, CEL-FI SOLO RED extends our public safety capabilities to deliver reliable emergency communication in buildings of all shapes and sizes. Nextivity is committed to ongoing innovation in emergency communication systems and the continued development of ground-breaking solutions that solve the most complex issues facing the public safety community.”

CEL-FI SOLO RED will be available exclusively in the United States from Nextivity distributor partners in January 2022.

A version of this article was originally published by Connected Real Estate Magazine.