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CEL-FI PRO Boosts Coverage for San Diego Health Center

We recently published a blog post introducing you to our reseller partner Blu Telecommunications in San Diego. This time around we’d like to share some details of a recent project where they used CEL-FI to solve some significant indoor coverage challenges.

San Ysidro Health Center (SYHC) is a non-profit provider of health care services to families in the San Diego region. The clinic is located in a valley, while cellular towers are at a higher elevation leading to indoor coverage problems, says Carlos Morales, President of Blu Telecommunications. “Once you walked past the lobby into certain indoor areas such as the exam rooms, there was virtually no signal.”

He says analog boosters would have cost up to $15,000 including installation. In addition, there was a risk of latency and network interference issues. Microcells were also considered, but they didn’t allow for handing over of calls when moving through coverage areas.

Blu decided to go with CEL-FI PRO smart signal boosters. “We picked CEL-FI for this project because it works right out of the box. We don’t have to work with engineering; and it’s carrier approved,” Morales says.

When it came to installing the devices, all that was needed was a simple field test to find the strongest signals. Once that was done they implemented a CEL-FI PRO on each of the building’s three floors. “CEL-FI covered every spot where we needed a signal. The best part is, installation could be done by one person because it didn’t require advanced technical skills,” Morales says.

The solution also came in at less than one-third of the cost of other options. Morales adds that CEL-FI has become an important go-to option for many of his customers struggling with indoor coverage. “When we need to look at an in-building solution, CEL-FI is a device that works very well for the markets we serve.”