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Case Study: Powertec Finds a Prime Parking Spot for CEL-FI

Car parks are notorious for having poor signal reception. It’s not only an inconvenience; it’s a safety issue.

That was the thinking behind Australia’s Southport Central Car Park owners when they turned to Powertec to solve their cellular reception issues.

Construction for the Southport Central property located on Australia’s Gold Coast was completed in 2008. The massive car park has 2,900 spaces in total. During the building phase, one thing that developers hadn’t accounted for was mobile phone reception.

It wasn’t long before the corporation realized weak cellular signals could be a safety issue for people using the car park. So they contacted Powertec, a CEL-FI master distributor , to come up with an answer. Their solution to the problem was CEL-FI smart signal boosters.

The area was so large, it took more than one CEL-FI to do the job. In fact a total of 15 CEL-FI systems were installed to ensure full coverage. The good news was the number deployed turned out to be much fewer than expected. “On initial inspection we believed that the installation would require 27 units,” says Powertec General Manager Scott Hampton. “The fact that we only needed 15 is a strong testament to the coverage capabilities of CEL-FI.”

He adds that Powertec has used CEL-FI in all sorts of environments across the country where coverage is poor, from rural sites and remote locations to homes and office buildings.

Do you have a CEL-FI installation story to share? We’re all ears.

By the CEL-FI Team