IoT & Remote Solutions

Cellular IoT Solutions are advancing machine to machine (M2M) communications for both mission-critical and everyday business operations. However, those solutions are frequently installed and operated in remote destinations with cellular coverage gaps. Solving for spotty reception, Cel-Fi’s award-winning cellular solutions deliver industry-leading signal gain that ensures IoT equipment operates at peak performance in any location.


  1. Consistent coverage for enhanced security
  2. Remote monitoring technologies for smart devices
  3. Factory sensor communication for artificial intelligence applications
  4. Dependable performance for smart vending applications

Reliable coverage for offshore oil rigs

Mobile coverage solution at the Dakar Rally

DAF Trucks fully operational with Cel-Fi

Stunning results for Bellatorum Resources

Indoor cellular coverage for ATMs

Charter Dura-Bar campus-wide coverage

Cellular coverage to remote farm

Cellular coverage for RV park

Farmers poor connectivity fixed

Rural coverage: blackspot to hotspot

Outdoor coverage for camp sites

Indoor cellular coverage for aerospace

RV Owners on the GO

Cellular solution for solar farm

Enabling video security for Timekeepers

Cel-Fi Enables Internet in Rural Areas

Connecting campers at Lake Navarino

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These Cel-Fi installations were undertaken by our partners, in which Cel-Fi has a global footprint in almost 100 countries. For a referral to a local expert in your area, please contact us via phone or email.