New Cel-Fi PRO-X Ensures Optimal Cellular Coverage in the Most Challenging Indoor Environments

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New cable accessory from Nextivity opens more opportunities for Cel-Fi PRO.

Nextivity Inc. today announced the launch and availability of the Cel-Fi PRO-X cable accessory designed specifically for use in environments where radio frequency (RF) signal propagation is an issue, such as manufacturing, mining, marine, and parking facilities, etc. The new PRO-X accessory attaches to the Cel-Fi PRO (for AT&T subscribers), enabling a cabled connection between the smart signal booster’s Network and Coverage units to deliver a strong cellular signal even in the most challenging environments.

Addressing the signal interference challenge in select environments
The Cel-Fi PRO smart signal booster’s plug-and-play, two-unit system leverages the unlicensed 5GHz band to enable wireless communication between the Network and Coverage Units to bring a carrier’s cellular signal indoors. The Network Unit selectively captures the signal from a cell tower and wirelessly transmits that signal to the Coverage Unit, which then creates a bubble of indoor cellular coverage in spaces of up to 13,000 sq. ft. However, in some environments severe RF signal propagation challenges make it difficult for the Cel-Fi system to connect wirelessly.

How it works
Cel-Fi PRO-X is ideal in environments where a cabled connection between the Network and Coverage Unit is required. Professional installers simply slide the Cel-Fi PRO Network Unit into the PRO-X sleeve, and attach the LMR-200 cable to the front using an SMA connector. A second PRO-X adapter snaps onto the Coverage Unit, providing a SMA connector to attach the cable. Using the PRO-X, a cabled connection (of up to 40 meters) now exists between the Network Unit and the Coverage Unit. PRO-X is a passive coupling and as a result does not require any additional certification or power source.

“Cel-Fi PRO-X is the first accessory for the highly successful Cel-Fi PRO smart signal booster,” says Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity Inc. “While our system is all-wireless by deliberate design, introducing a cabled option simply enables users to overcome poor indoor signal propagation in extremely difficult situations. It’s a cost-effective and very simple remedy to enable mobile connectivity in challenging work environments.”


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