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Nextivity announces new CEL-FI COMPASS RF Site Surveying and Installation Tool

Nextivity continues commitment to make CEL-FI deployments the smoothest in the industry by providing the best tools available in the market

SAN DIEGO – Nextivity Inc. announced today the CEL-FI COMPASS RF site surveying and installation tool. The handheld, battery-powered tool is designed to further simplify and accelerate the installation, optimization, and configuration of CEL-FI products. The combination of the CEL-FI COMPASS hardware with the CEL-FI WAVE PRO application provides Nextivity ecosystem partners with everything they need to provide the best service experience and customer outcomes.

The first in the CEL-FI COMPASS series (Model: K03-100-100) is targeted for North American bands and supports a frequency range of 698 to 2700 MHz, in both FDD and TDD. The platform is designed to allow for multiple future variants to support other radio technologies. In addition to being able to assess donor signal, CEL-FI COMPASS functions as a commissioning tool for CEL-FI QUATRA, alleviating the need for a live Internet connection at the site. CEL-FI COMPASS is built to last, with a rugged rubberized exo-skeleton and yellow coloring to ensure an installer can find it in the truck, and doesn’t leave it behind on the job site.

“There are a wide variety of RF scanner solutions in the market. Those that actually provide sufficient network detail are very expensive, $30K dollars and up, and are not easy to use. In contrast, affordable equipment is essentially useless. Measuring basic signal strength (RSSI) in the context of 4G and beyond is pointless,” says Werner Sievers, CEO, Nextivity. “CEL-FI COMPASS leverages the CEL-FI technology platform to provides the deep network intelligence at a price point that enables all of our partners to have them on their trucks.”

Scheduled to begin shipping in Q4, CEL-FI COMPASS will be the perfect complement for all CEL-FI products that utilize a professional installer. For the CEL-FI QUATRA series, COMPASS is an essential installation tool. COMPASS will facilitate commissioning and optimization, update software, and provide other essential functions, such as antenna positioning. Integrators can also use the tool to complete pre- and post-sale RF site surveys and generate reports for system assessment.