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Nextivity Advances Emergency Connectivity with Addition of CEL-FI SOLO RED

Intelligent cellular leader develops fully compliant ERCES that delivers uncompromising public safety coverage with industry-leading ease of installation and speed of deployment

Nextivity, the industry leader in intelligent cellular solutions, has today announced the availability of SHIELD SOLO, a half-watt public safety BDA (bi-directional amplifier) that features the proprietary Nextivity IntelliBoost chip to deliver undisrupted radio signals for first responders in emergency situations.

Legally required in many municipalities, deploying an emergency communication system is oftentimes a time-consuming and costly undertaking for building owners. After installation, emergency responder communications enhancement systems (ERCES) must be approved by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure the system meets local guidelines, allowing the business to receive their certificate of occupancy and open their doors.

To streamline that process, business leaders want a solution that is cost-effective and can be installed as quickly and easily as possible. CEL-FI SOLO RED accelerates this timeline and sets new benchmarks for ease of installation and speed of deployment for public safety communication solutions by automating system settings and parameters that once required tedious testing and adjusting. This precision not only gives building owners peace of mind their system will pass AHJ testing on the first try, but also allows installers to get in and out of projects faster than ever before.

“Building the most intelligent, powerful, and easy-to-use solutions is at the heart of everything we do,” said Michiel Lotter, CEO of Nextivity. “With CEL-FI SOLO RED, we’re solving the age-old headache of installing and deploying public safety communication systems, making it easier for both installers and business leaders.”

CEL-FI SOLO RED speeds up installation timelines by automating processes that historically require manual configuration, including:

  • Built-in Grid Test functionality via Nextivity CEL-FI COMPASS and WAVE Pro app for simplified site surveys and testing
  • Automatic setting of uplink transmitted power and calculation of path loss
  • Real-time, automatic calculation and setting of isolation and downlink gain based on local ordinances and required values
  • Built-in end-to-end remote system monitoring and management via WAVE Portal

In addition to offering best-in-class talk-in and talk-out performance with a no noise guarantee, CEL-FI SOLO RED fully complies with current fire codes and can be configured as a Class A or Class B device in the field without any additional cost.  To maintain peak performance during power outages, the system accepts DC power from either the purpose-built CEL-FI SOLO RED Battery Backup Unit (BBU) or a certified third-party BBU device.

For more information on the Nextivity SHIELD SOLO public safety BDA, please visit SHIELD SOLO.