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CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber and CEL-FI GO G32 Win 2021 ChannelVision Visionary Spotlight Awards (VSA)

CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 Fiber Hub wins VSA for Best Emerging Technology Breakthrough 2021; CEL-FI GO G32 wins VSA for Rural and Underserved Connectivity

Nextivity today announced that its CEL-FI QUATRA Fiber Expansion and CEL-FI GO G32 Smart Signal Booster both won 2021 Visionary Spotlight Awards (VSAs) presented by ChannelVision Magazine. The CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 Fiber Hub – which is the latest in-building cellular coverage innovation from Nextivity and adds fiber connectivity to CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 products – won for the Best Emerging Technology Breakthrough 2021. CEL-FI GO G32 – the first carrier-class cellular coverage solution to feature an industry-leading system gain of up to 100 dB – took top spot in the category of Rural and Underserved Connectivity.

The CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 Fiber Hub provides a new level of flexibility to tackle some of the most challenging coverage issues in commercial real estate. It extends the benefits and scalability that the CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 system offers, including performance leadership, ease of install, best value, fastest project timeline, and carrier approval. The CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 is a multi-carrier, hybrid active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that provides uniform in-building cellular coverage to large commercial buildings. The Fiber Hub expands cellular coverage in QUATRA 4000 deployments in enterprise locations by distributing the donor signal via optical fiber from one building or location to the next. With the CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 Fiber Hub, QUATRA 4000 can be deployed in significantly larger facilities at a fraction of the cost of a traditional DAS. It can be used in high-rise buildings; in multi-unit campus settings where one building is on the fringe of macro cellular signal coverage and other buildings in the compound receive no outdoor signal at all; and in remote locations where there is no cellular signal, such as a coal mine.

“Whether reliable cellular coverage is required in skyscrapers or remote emergency sites, CEL-FI products are designed to open up new possibilities for channel partners by enabling them to quickly and cost-effectively deliver best-in-class connectivity where and when it’s needed by their clients,” says Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity. “It is very rewarding to see the CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 Fiber Hub and CEL-FI GO G32 being acknowledged by ChannelVision Magazine for the innovative approach these solutions offer to system integrators who are committed to solving their clients’ cellular connectivity challenges regardless of location. Partners can expect more innovative offerings from Nextivity – in particular in the QUATRA 4000 product line – that create even more opportunities for new revenue streams.”

CEL-FI GO G32 Powers Smart Booster on Wheels for Housing Development, Agriculture, and Mining

When Rapid Systems recognized that clients in agriculture, housing development, and mining increasingly needed immediate access to reliable and cost-effective cellular connectivity at remote emergency sites, the Tampa-based supplier of Internet services built the Expo, its own Smart Booster on Wheels (SBOW). CEL-FI GO G32 is integrated into the SBOW, which combines everything that’s needed for cellular connectivity onsite – from batteries and a solar-powered charger, along with an adjustable mast and pneumatic masts that go up and down to attach antennas. CEL-FI GO G32 takes cellular signals from the donor antenna into the system and then distributes back out to the server antenna(s). Cel-GO G32 maximizes cellular coverage for 3G/4G/5G and provides coverage for spaces up to 15,000 sq. ft. per system. It can be placed indoors or outdoors and is ideal for any location that does not receive a cellular signal.

“CEL-FI GO provides the versatility, ease of integration, and industry-leading gain needed for the Expo to provide our customers with the cellular connectivity they need to ensure business continuity and get the job done while working onsite,” says Dustin Jurman, CEO of Rapid Systems. “Seeing this integrated solution take home top honors in the Visionary Spotlight Awards reinforces the ingenuity of this collaborative innovation.”

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