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CEL-FI Enterprise Solutions Bring Cellular Connectivity Inside European Retail Stores with Tura Scandinavia Partnership

Elgiganten and Rusta stores can now get cellular reception inside with the new CEL-FI QUATRA 4000e multi-carrier hybrid active DAS

Nextivity today announced that Nordic distributor Tura Scandinavia AB has the first European installation of CEL-FI QUATRA 4000e underway. The new multi-carrier hybrid active DAS (distributed antenna system) for the EMEA market has been deployed at Elgiganten and Rusta stores in northern Stockholm, Sweden so customers and employees can now use their cell phones anywhere inside the stores, and experience good quality reception.

Spotty cellular coverage, poor voice quality, dropped calls, and dead zones continue to impact employees and customers in many retail buildings. CEL-FI QUATRA 4000e is an affordable, all-digital, multi-carrier active DAS hybrid solution that solves this issue by providing uniform, high quality cellular signal throughout any commercial building. This industry-leading system is also carrier approved and guaranteed network safe.

“There was no cellular reception at all inside the Elgiganten and Rusta stores due to the metal construction of the buildings, which is common for commercial property in Sweden,” said Terje Skatterod, Senior Technology Officer at Tura Scandinavia, a Nordic distributor that offers mobile, data, and cellular equipment for retailers through a network of system integrators. “CEL-FI QUATRA has improved the signal inside the stores by 25 dBM, which is equivalent to increasing the coverage by almost 100 times.”

“As CEL-FI QUATRA is 5G-ready, building owners get a greater return on their investment with this modern solution which is upgradable,” explains Sverre Platou, Nextivity Brand Manager at Tura Scandinavia. “The system is also all-digital, using ethernet rather than coax cabling, which makes installation easier and reduces the installation cost to about a quarter of traditional repeater systems.”

“CEL-FI QUATRA is starting to get a lot of attention in the Nordic region. Unlike other equipment, you don’t need the RF skills to install it. You can simply use a local electrician to run the cabling and hook it up to the internet, and one telecom RF engineer to deploy the whole solution remotely,” Skatterod says.

Tura Scandinavia, which was named best European distributor in 2021 by Nextivity, has several installations of the new CEL-FI QUATRA 4000e scheduled for other retailers in Sweden and throughout Europe. For more information about QUATRA, visit

“Tura Scandinavia is a strong strategic partner for Nextivity, bringing our best-in-class cellular coverage solutions to the reseller community,” says David Cabanes, Nextivity Vice-President of European Sales. “With product offerings now available for enterprise, small and mid-size businesses, mobile, and micro solutions, we look forward to continuing to work with Tura Scandinavia to help their partners expand their capabilities and market reach.”

About Tura Scandinavia AB
Tura Scandinavia AB is a leading Nordic distributor of accessories in Audio, Video, Mobile, Data, Photography, TV, Gaming and SDA. Our philosophy is: a wide range, strong brands and fast delivery. The business was founded in Gothenburg in 1976 and we currently operate in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. The head office is located in Kungsbacka and the logistics center in Nässjö, Sweden.