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Frequency Telecom Deploys CEL-FI to Improve Cellular Coverage in Fire Stations

Mobile Phone Coverage is Essential in Fire Stations There has never been a more poignant time for companies and organizations to implement technology that keeps employees connected, no matter where they are. Mobile connectivity is now deemed essential, both for business operations and staff morale. This is even more critical when those people are employed […]

Caravans Stay Connected on the Road with CEL-FI GO

The Growth and Evolution of Caravans in the UK British holidaymakers have a great love affair with caravan holidays. The origin of caravans can be traced back to Charles Dickens who references them in The Old Curiosity Shop. Their popularity gained traction in the early 20th century with the birth of clubs like The Camping […]

CEL-FI Solutions Deliver Reliable Cellular Coverage for Supply Chain Applications

Today’s fleet telematics system is a far cry from the simple vehicle location solution it was before. Instead, it has evolved into a pipeline of data that connects fleets to warehouses, machines, and people over high-speed connections. Supply chains are more agile, efficient, and cost-effective when this ecosystem of the constantly moving parts work together […]

Improving Cellular Coverage in Retail Stores to Increase Occupancy Rates

Projections for retail space utilization and availability vary widely from one research firm to another, and between CRE experts and professionals. Will the empty spaces all be converted to healthcare services or churches? Will they become distribution centers? Will there even be empty spaces as we look ahead to the last six months of 2021 […]

Frequency Deploys CEL-FI Solutions for Enhanced Functionality of Body-Worn Cameras

The public safety of frontline staff is under scrutiny after a sharp rise in reports of verbal abuse, threats, and even physical attacks on firefighters, paramedics, police officers, healthcare workers and other essential staff in retail, council, and railway. The key to improve and transform public safety could be live-streaming body-worn video technology. The non-streaming […]

Boosting Cellular Connectivity in Apartment Parking Facilities for Safety and More

Spotty or non-existent cellular coverage in your parking garages can be putting your tenants – and by default, your business – at risk. Without reliable cellular connectivity, tenants can be placed in precarious situations that can have a long-term impact on your building’s reputation and its ability to retain tenants and attract new ones – […]

Boosting Cellular Connectivity for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and More

As more Americans switch to electric vehicles (EVs), adding EV charging stations to parking facilities can be a big draw for retail, commercial, and residential properties. But there’s more to how these stations operate than meets the eye. Unbeknownst to many, EV charging stations need reliable cellular connectivity for remote monitoring, payment processing, and more. […]

Demand for Flexible Office Space is Growing and Mobile Connectivity is Playing a Key Role

“Substandard mobile coverage is unacceptable in a world driven by cloud computing and agile working,” says Colin Abrey of Nextivity Not so very long-ago flexible office space and coworking facilities were regarded by many as unprofitable and unsustainable due to their lavish setups and thrown-in perks to give them a compelling appeal. However, with countries the […]

Public Safety Communications Solution Delivers Higher Standards

When it comes to Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES), the reliability and radio coverage of the system can directly impact property and lives saved. If cellular coverage is spotty or otherwise poor inside a building due to construction materials or environmental obstacles, not only will occupants be unhappy with poor cellular connectivity for voice […]

Cell Signal Boosters for Middleprise Offer Massive Opportunity

Because traditional DAS is often too large and too expensive for small-to-mid-size businesses, Nextivity cell signal boosters for middleprise provide cost-effective options for improving in-building cellular connectivity. While system integrators have historically focused on contracts to install large-scale distributed antenna system (DAS) networks to improve in-building cellular coverage in airports, convention centers, large public venues, […]