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Cellular coverage inside airplane hangars

CEL-FI QUATRA Amplifies Cellular Coverage Inside Airplane Hangars and Aviation Facilities Summary Challenge Aviation hangar operators must provide their highly specialized technicians and customers with reliable cellular coverage inside their facilities Materials used to construct the facilities can obstruct cellular signals from entering hangars, customer areas, and executive management areas Solution installation needs to be […]

Azteca Food Services Improves Coverage

Azteca Food Services Plant Improves Cellular Coverage with CEL-FI Summary Challenge Food manufacturer experienced drops in cellular signal in a 58,000 sq. ft. production area with 30 ft. ceilings Older, previously installed network extenders were failing Plant management and supervisors were frustrated and unable to remain in constant communication due to dropped calls Solution CEL-FI […]

Public Safety advances in manufacturing

Public Safety Communications Sees Major Advancements for Manufacturing with CEL-FI QUATRA RED Summary Challenge State-of-the-art electric vehicle manufacturing facilities under construction needed to meet fire safety code requirements Remote location and building material inhibited public safety or cellular signals from entering two buildings ranging in size from 200,000 to 600,000 square fee Solution CEL-FI QUATRA […]

CEL-FI solves factory coverage issues

CEL-FI Solves Factory Coverage Issues In Victoria Summary Challenge Improve mobile signal throughout the two-storey administration office Network infrastructure to support up to 200 staff Solution 4 x CEL-FI GO’s (2 per level) 1 x Blackhawk Parabolic Grid External Antenna 4 x Blackhawk Ceiling Dome Antenna Results Positive feedback from the factory staff Increased productivity […]

Coverage for regional distribution center

CEL-FI Covers Leading Food Retailers Distribution Centre Summary Challenge One of the UK’s leading food retailers opening a new 70,000m2 Regional Distribution Centre in Peterborough. Building materials blocked penetration of cellular signals from reaching 3rd floor offices and ground floor goods out areas. Challenging cable routes due to high level cable tray above suspended ceiling […]

Charter Dura-Bar campus-wide coverage

CEL-FI QUATRA is Deployed to Bring Reliable Coverage Indoors Allowing Building Occupancy Summary Challenge • Rural location • Large amount of steel and cinder block walls • Small cells being used were reaching the end of lifecycle Solution • CEL-FI QUATRA In-Building Enterprise Cellular System Results • Only eight days to complete installation in all […]

Coverage for e-comm distribution center

CEL-FI QUATRA Provides 40,000 Square Feet of Indoor Cellular Coverage for e-Commerce Giant’s Distribution Center Summary Challenge Global e-commerce company renovating a two-story warehouse and distribution facility with a combined square footage of more than 40,000 Impenetrable building materials blocked cellular signals from reaching warehouse space and ground-floor offices Needed to secure indoor 3G/4G coverage […]

Manufacturing plant gets coverage

Top-Selling Beverage Company Ensures Reliable Cellular Coverage Throughout Manufacturing Plant Case Study / Manufacturing Challenge A name brand beverage company provided 40 managers with mobile devices to increase productivity inside its 376,000 ft² manufacturing plant. However, the plant’s rural location and metal roof prevented cellular signals from penetrating, causing dead zones and making it nearly […]