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CEL-FI Solves Factory Coverage Issues In Victoria


  • Improve mobile signal throughout the two-storey administration office
  • Network infrastructure to support up to 200 staff


  • 4 x CEL-FI GO’s (2 per level)
  • 1 x Blackhawk Parabolic Grid External Antenna
  • 4 x Blackhawk Ceiling Dome Antenna


  • Positive feedback from the factory staff
  • Increased productivity and reduced stress amongst the staff

The Challenge

This food factory located in Victoria supplies both Australian and New Zealand foodservice and retail customers. The Port Melbourne factory is home to iconic Australian brands.
Since it’s construction, employees at the factory site have tolerated little to no mobile signal. Management recently made the decision that they could no longer persist with such poor phone reception. The impact on critical communications, for both internal and external calls, was labelled as an OHS issue and needed to be rectified immediately. Mobile signal is required to cover the entire facility, which houses the head office manufacturing plant for some of Australia’s favourite food products.
Powertec’s authorised installer worked to design and implement the cellular solution with the assistance of Powertec’s project team. Working directly with the client, the Powertec installer facilitated the project to ensure the best possible outcome and customer experience.

The Solution

Powertec’s certified technician completed a site survey to determine the most appropriate solution to position the products and to identify any access challenges. To cover the 200m2 site four CEL-FI GO devices are needed; two CEL-FI GO units per floor. To reticulate the signal, two Blackhawk Ceiling Dome Antennas were spread per floor. The Blackhawk Parabolic Grid antenna was selected as the external antenna for this project to isolate the best quality signal and overcome the dense “noisy” environment.

The installation was successfully completed with minimal disruption to the employees, as works were carried out during and after business hours. The flexibility of access allowed a quick turnaround on the project and reduced our impact on the daily business. 

The Results

The feedback from the factory staff has been very positive. Previously, employees would need to leave their desks and stand by the window in order to make or receive a call.
The solution has increased productivity and reduced stress amongst the staff. Powertec and their authorised installer are due to commence work on the second phase of the project in the manufacturing section of the facility once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

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This CEL-FI installation was undertaken by our partners, in which CEL-FI has a global footprint in almost 100 countries. For a referral to a local expert in your area, please contact us via phone or email.