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Connectivity for grocery apps and backup redundancy

CEL-FI QUATRA Ensures Cellular for Grocery Store Apps and Backup Redundancy Summary Challenge Grocery chain was receiving customer and employee complaints about poor cellular coverage in its hurricane-rated stores in the Southeast U.S. Heavy duty construction materials, including cinder block walls and metal roofs, blocked cellular signal from entering the stores Reliable in-store coverage for […]

Major retailer boosts cellular connectivity

CEL-FI Boosts Cellular Signal for Improved Shopping Experience and Employee Safety Summary Challenge Cellular signals were non-existent in smaller format retail stores opened in sub-ground locations in New York by a national chain Retail customers could not take advantage of the in-store app while shopping Employees missed emergency calls and important communications when inside the […]

Cellular coverage for POS machines

Providing coverage for all shopping centre tenants. Summary Challenge: Ensure continuous signal is available to all tenants in the building Overcome the thick concrete construction of the shopping center Products Used: CEL-FI GO Omni Antenna Ceiling Antennas Application: The combination of products used effectively minimizes the impact of the concrete building. Providing coverage for all […]