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Cellular coverage for POS machines

Providing coverage for all shopping centre tenants.



  • Ensure continuous signal is available to all tenants in the building
  • Overcome the thick concrete construction of the shopping center

Products Used:


The combination of products used effectively minimizes the impact of the concrete building. Providing coverage for all tenants enabling them to do business.

Business Profile

This shopping center in Aspley is a hidden treasure. Every tenant in the shopping center needed to use wireless point of sale (POS) machines. The thick concrete construction of the shopping center was causing the mobile signal to drop out frequently, despite a tower in proximity.
Due to the lack of mobile signal, POS machines were unable to operate effectively. This forced tenants to ask customers to make cash payments for their goods. This was not ideal, with most customers unhappy about this inconvenience.


To offer a solution that will overcome the signal disturbance caused by the thick concrete construction of the shopping center and capture the signal from the nearby tower. A network of boosters would also need to be established to ensure each tenant has constant connectivity to operate their POS machines.

The Solution

Powertec Reseller Seada Electro Technology was selected for the installation. After an initial onsite visit, a solution was determined. One external omni antenna was installed to capture the signal produced by the nearby tower. Four CEL-FI GO Smart Signal Boosters were also installed in the center to amplify the captured signal.
Additionally, four internal antennas were placed on the ceiling at various locations within the center, the antennas work to disperse the signal across the center.
This solution increased the mobile signal for all tenants within the center. POS machines are now constantly operational, which in turn has led to happy customers.
  • Deployed within hours
  • Penetrated steel, concrete, and glass panes
  • Achieved strong indoor 4G signal

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