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Waykat Showing the Way for Remote Coverage

We’re always delighted to get feedback about our CEL-FI smart signal boosters from the field. So we’d like to send along our thanks to Waykat Services P/L in Australia for taking the time to share its CEL-FI success stories. Their Facebook page is chock full of updates and helpful hints on the different ways CEL-FI is helping its customers get the coverage they need.

A lot of Waykat’s work happens to be in extremely remote areas where terrain can be a significant challenge, yet the team has managed to get cellular coverage for customers struggling to connect – even when others have said it couldn’t be done. One area was so remote for example, two other companies had failed in getting coverage to the customer. Undaunted, Waykat devised a plan to get voice and data connectivity with the help of a portable mast, antenna, and CEL-FI.

At another job in the high country of North East Victoria, a customer had been told many times that a network solution simply wasn’t possible. Even satellite wasn’t an option. Waykat found a way by connecting a CEL-FI smart signal booster to a Microwave data bearer dish to get the signal over a large hill – along with a number of other technical strategies that you can read about on its Facebook page.

As their Facebook post says, “Our record remains intact – we have not yet been to a property or location that we have not been able to achieve the customer’s wishes. You just have to have the right equipment and the right knowledge and the people that are prepared to put in the legwork beforehand.”

Waykat has all sorts of useful information on creative ways to crack even the most challenging of coverage issues, so it’s worth your while to check out its stories. We’re just happy to see that at the heart of almost every story you’ll find a CEL-FI smart signal booster.

Do you have an installation story you’d like to share?

By the CEL-FI Team