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Case Study: Powertec is connecting campers at Lake Navarino

Australian based Powertec, a CEL-FI master distributor, has shown a lot of creativity in bringing our smart signal booster to new and unusual applications. A case in point is the Lake Navarino Holiday Park, a popular camping and cottage site about an hour and a half outside of Perth.

It’s beautiful and remote – which means cellular signals left a lot to be desired when new owners took over in 2014. According to managing director Debbie Lee, they couldn’t get a decent mobile signal for its EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale) machine. And that’s a problem when guests like to pay with credit cards.

The owner did some research and, with Powertec’s help, decided a CEL-FI smart signal booster would fix the problem. It turns out the CEL-FI unit gave enough of a boost to make the EFTPOS machine work properly.

When installed the signal went from one bar to four. Not only could they process transactions without a glitch, mobile phone coverage was also much improved.

The good news for Australian customers – remote or otherwise – is that CEL-FI is the only smart signal booster approved by all the major carriers in Australia.

Want to find out how you can leverage CEL-FI to address your cellular coverage needs? We can help.

By the CEL-FI Team