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How CEL-FI GO X delivered stronger cellular coverage for financial services provider

The banking industry is not without its challenges when it comes to in-building cellular coverage. Large banks with central offices and multiple locations can often run into issues at both the branch level and the ATM network.

Here’s a case in point. One of the country’s biggest banks with more than 25,000 branches in regions across the country was experiencing signal interference in several of its branch offices. Many of the buildings had thick cement walls that interrupted cellular signals. This created two significant problems that interfered with day-to-day business operations. Not only did staff and customers experience dropped calls, data gateways were also unable to connect to modems.

Another cellular coverage issue was related to off-site ATMs and digital signage systems in lobbies and mall walkways. Many of those systems relied on 3G/4G connectivity to the bank’s central operations.

After testing a variety of femtocells and repeaters with limited success, they decided to look at CEL-FI GO X as a solution. Not only did it maximize cellular cover for spaces up to 15,000 sq. ft., its NEMA 4 rating (i.e., resistance to harsh weather conditions) meant it could also be installed inside or outside a building.

Not only that, because CEL-FI GO X automatically self-configures and self-optimizes, installers were able to deploy each unit in less than an hour by simply mounting it and plugging it in. Now CEL-FI GO X has been rolled out to thousands of branch locations as well as hundreds of ATMs and digital signage sites.

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