How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Cell Phone with a Smart Signal Booster®



Mobile network operators put a lot of time and effort into seeking out pirate amplifiers (i.e., broad spectrum signal boosters) for good reason. Unauthorized boosters (those that are not approved for use by the carrier) cause no end of problems, not the least of which is network interference. In some cases that interference can reduce a base station’s capacity by 75%, which is a big problem for operators and their customers.

There’s another issue that often goes unnoticed in all this, but definitely worth consideration. The fact is, the transmit power of your cell phone will vary based on the strength of the signal across the wireless channel. Generally speaking, mobile phones inside of buildings are forced to transmit at a higher level than those that aren’t. The higher the power, the lesser the battery life.

Since the advent of LTE, the real question however is whether or not this dynamic changes. LTE does in fact behave differently to 3G, but the argument generally holds true.

Carrier specific Smart Signal Boosters® contribute to improved battery life by intelligently overcoming indoor signal loss caused by the building materials used in residential and enterprise buildings. By doing this without creating interference, the integrity of the wireless channel is maintained and the user is guaranteed of a far more compelling wireless experience.

Do you have other ideas for extending battery life?

By the Cel-Fi Team


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