A Personal Perspective on the Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2015)



CES is always an overwhelming showcase of what’s up and coming for consumers in the year ahead. But this year we were reminded how some categories – especially in the world of connected devices – have achieved center-stage status.

This year wearables made up at least 40% of show floor space in the Sands Expo at Tech West . The area was chock full of devices – most of which were tied to fitness and health – including inserts for shoes to monitor heart rates and count steps, and at least 15 variations on the Fitbit® and other fitness tracking devices.

Home automation was equally expansive – and equally packed – with countless options for dealing with matters when you’re not at home; such as apps that can turn water off so pipes don’t freeze, monitor comings and goings, or smart doorbells that will let you open doors remotely to allow packages to be dropped off or give cleaning staff access to your home or office.

And that was just the Sands Expo. At Tech East, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, new concept cars were in full force to the point where it started looking like an auto show. Auto integration was everywhere from Wi-Fi and video display systems, to smartphone apps that let you start your car or turn on the a/c remotely, or apps to tell you if your tire pressure is low or your oil needs changing. Of course, autonomous cars such as the Mercedes F 105 concept were also showcased for those in attendance, providing us car geeks with a glimpse into what the future may bring. This roundup from Engadget will give you some more insights on the car side of things.

If you’ve never been to CES, it’s definitely something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The sheer volume of innovation that can be seen over a very short period of time is incredible.

Of course, we couldn’t attend an event like CES without our CEL-FI smart signal booster making a splash of its own. We’re very proud to share that our recently launched CEL-FI DUO won an Envisioneering Engineering & Design Award at the Showstoppers press event. Not a bad way to finish up our time at CES 2015 and kick off the new year!

What was your favorite CES 2015 moment?

From the Inside by George Lamb, VP Operations and Support


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