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CellTeks Takes CEL-FI to New Heights for Drilling Sites

A few weeks ago we introduced you to CellTeks Inc. As a CEL-FI reseller working in Texas and environs, it turns out they have plenty of interesting case studies to share.

Like the project they did for Timekeepers Security, a Boerne, Texas-based video surveillance company specializing in perimeter and gate security for the oil and gas industry. Their main work is in securing drilling sites in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Timekeepers facing a communications challenge

Not surprisingly, cellular communications at drilling sites can represent a significant challenge. They’re often located in remote regions or in lowland areas that don’t provide a clear line of sight to regional cell towers. That translates into unreliable phone communications and very limited to no Internet connectivity.

Since security guards on site work in isolated conditions, ongoing communications are essential. Timekeepers also wanted to deploy tablets to the guards to enable electronic reporting to the central office.

CellTeks to the rescue with CEL-FI PRO

Enter CellTeks. According to Duane Roundtree, Senior VP of Business Development at CellTeks, “We had to find a cost-effective way to connect with and amplify the cell tower signal.” 

Their answer was to deploy CEL-FI PRO Smart Signal Boosters®. But there was one particular challenge they had to address. Because the sites are in low-lying areas, the network unit would have to be high enough to communicate with the nearest AT&T cell tower. So they decided the best way was to build customized weatherproof enclosures for the 35-foot telescopic booms attached to trailers equipped with generators that provide the guards’ sole source of power and light.

The strategy worked, and sites with CEL-FI PRO units now provide up to 200 yards of cellular coverage so guards can use their cell phones and tablets without a hitch.

Eddie Serna, Field Operations Specialist for Timekeepers says everyone was happy with the outcomes. “CEL-FI worked wonders for us. It blew any other solution right out of the water. We have never had any issues with the system at all.”