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CEL-FI PRO Fills Coverage Gaps for VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital

We recently got some feedback from a very happy customer that we’d like to share with you. VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) in South Hill, Virginia is a community owned hospital servicing the south-central region of Virginia and portions of North Carolina.

For some time, the hospital had been struggling with complaints from the staff about cellular coverage gaps because of concrete and metal building materials and insulated walls in the operating and radiation rooms that blocked signals.

When Eric Williams, Communications Coordinator joined CMH, he decided to take a site survey to see what was up. The hospital did have a few femtocells but they would only work for a limited number of people, and simply weren’t doing the job that was needed. During his walk-through he says, “I was holding my cell phone in front of me and actually seeing where signals weren’t coming through and found the dead areas one by one.”

He went to AT&T where he was introduced to the CEL-FI PRO Smart Signal Booster and decided to give it a try. He took one CEL-FI system and set it up in different areas in the building where there were problems to see what the signal looked like. “We got a signal in every single one.”

Eventually they acquired nine CEL-FI systems. Installation of each unit took only 20 minutes. “It took no time at all to do the downloading and linking (of the CEL-FI WAVE app),” Williams says. “You just go on the website, download the app and they synch up, no problem. I like plug-and-play.”

Best of all, he say there have been no issues since they installed the CEL-FI PRO systems. The CEL-FI WAVE app also makes it easy for Williams to monitor and manage them.

Williams adds that the CEL-FI support team was a huge help. “When I talked to the young lady about CEL-FI, she really knew her job. She told me what it does, what we can do with it, and provided the documentation. It took five minutes for her to explain things and send me what I needed. I could handle the rest from there.”

And everyone on board at CMH is happy, so no more complaints from the staff, he says. “When you get a good product like CEL-FI, it’s a wonderful thing.”