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CEL-FI DUO Wins 2015 Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year Award

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have the opportunity to deliver a rousing acceptance speech when an award comes our way. But I’ll have to settle for a blog post instead.

We’ve just heard news about the latest accolade for CEL-FI DUO. On May 1, TMC named us a winner of the 2015 Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year Award. These awards honor the development of technologies geared toward the evolution of a 4G, all IP, wireless network, including products, services, architecture and infrastructure, delivery, and applications. And when you look at the list of winners this year, you will see that we’re in very good company.

In accepting this award I would like to thank everyone who’s had a part in CEL-FI DUO’s success; which includes the incredible team of people who work at Nextivity, T-Mobile (the first mobile operator to make the CEL-FI DUO available to their subscribers), our industry partners and resellers, and of course all the CEL-FI supporters through the years.

Have you tried the CEL-FI DUO yet?

By Werner Sievers, CEO