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Statement of Warranty

Nextivity is committed to delivering best-in-class solutions powered by quality-built and thoroughly tested hardware. Should you experience an issue with a purchase, the Nextivity team will work with you to resolve the matter quickly.

The Nextivity Support Team is experienced, has direct access to experts across the company, and is empowered to resolve issues quickly. We strive to provide a hassle-free experience for our customers to minimize the business impact of warranty and support issues.

To report an issue:

  • CEL-FI and SHIELD (SOLO and EXTEND) End Users: Contact your System Integrator or Installer who sold you the system.

  • SHIELD MegaFi End Users: Contact Nextivity Support.

  • Nextivity Partners: Follow the process outlined in the Nextivity Partner Portal.

Nextivity Standard Warranty

Nextivity products are backed by a 24-month warranty. The warranty period begins at the time of purchase. Nextivity only warranties products purchased from an authorized distributor or directly from Nextivity.

If a product needs to be returned to Nextivity for repair or replacement, Nextivity will issue a “Returned Material Authorization” (RMA) and shipping instructions.

If a product needs service or repairs and is out of warranty, Nextivity offers “break-fix” service at an additional cost. To request a repair, contact Nextivity Support.

Detailed warranty information is available on the Legal page, under “Terms of Service”.

Nextivity Extended Warranty

Nextivity is pleased to offer (optional) extended warranty coverage for up to 60 months from the time of purchase. Extended warranties are available to add protection for products in working condition.

Extended warranty coverage is available in 12-month (renew annually) or 36-month increments.

Extended warranties may be purchased from the distributor during the initial sale (recommended) at a lower cost or added later. To purchase an extended warranty after the initial sale, contact Nextivity or an authorized distributor:

  • North America customers: Email Nextivity at [email protected]
  • Rest of World: Customers should contact their authorized distributor to obtain extended coverage.

Additional Support

End Users: If you are an end user with a warranty issue, Nextivity recommends that you first contact your System Integrator or Installer for guidance. Nextivity partners are equipped to assist you.

Nextivity System Integrators and Installers: Nextivity recommends you work through your distributor or contact the Warranty Team at [email protected]. Detailed instructions for handling warranty issues are available to registered users in the Nextivity Partner Portal.