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In-Building Enterprise Cellular Solutions

In today’s digital world, the need for strong cellular connectivity in office settings is more important than ever before. Over the years, cellular devices have evolved to become powerful mobile workstation essentials, allowing people to stay connected and work from anywhere with reliable cellular coverage. However, dependable reception at the office is not a given.
From a structure’s dense walls and building materials to its location and proximity to cellular towers, there are many factors that impact signal strength. To solve for areas with poor reception, Nextivity’s award-winning CEL-FI cellular solutions are cost-effective and deliver reliable coverage across facilities of all shapes and sizes, allowing employees to take full advantage of their digital tools.
In this eBook you will learn about:
  1. The impact that poor cellular coverage has in enterprise facilities
  2. Types of CEL-FI cellular solutions
  3. How CEL-FI systems solve for poor coverage
  4. Length of time and process of installation
  5. Results of deployed CEL-FI systems

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