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Solution for major energy provider

Mobile Phone Signal Solution for Major Queensland Energy Company


  • Increasing productivity by rectifying the dropped call issues and the negative impact this is causing
Products Used:
  • CEL-FI GO Smart Signal Booster
  • Wideband MIMO Antenna
  • Ceiling Antenna
  • The external antenna captures the signal from the nearby tower, which is then connected to the CEL-FI GO Smart Signal Booster. The boosted signal is broadcast throughout the building via the ceiling antennas.

Business Profile

As one of Queensland’s largest energy provider, this company supplies over 2.3 million homes and more than 700,000 retail customers with power every year. Their vision is to ensure secure, affordable and sustainable energy solutions for the community.


Dropped calls are occurring regularly, which is having a negative impact and management needs to rectify this. Austek; a certified Powertec installer, was contacted to assess the mobile phone signal issue and design a reliable solution.

The Solution

After a site visit by Jason from Austek, a CEL-FI GO solution was designed. Four Stationary CEL-FI GO units were installed inside the building, along with an external Wideband Mimo antenna and several internal ceiling antennas.
The external Mimo antenna was positioned to receive the strongest signal from a strategic tower, while the internal antennas we placed throughout the building to broadcast the boosted cellular signal.

The Results

This energy company is very happy with the results. The solution provided the employees a solid connection to the tower. This has reduced dropped calls to zero and significantly improved data speeds.
With such a large customer base, the reliability of the mobile phone signal was imperative. Customer contact has been significantly improved and staff in the field are enjoying a more stable and reliable service.
  • Deployed within hours
  • Penetrated steel, concrete, and glass panes
  • Achieved strong indoor 4G signal

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This CEL-FI installation was undertaken by our partners, in which CEL-FI has a global footprint in almost 100 countries. For a referral to a local expert in your area, please contact us via phone or email.