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Lynn University uses CEL-FI QUATRA



  • Lynn University’s newly built University Center supports retention goals of 3,000 students
  • Three-story, 60,000 square foot building featuring restaurants, collaborations spaces, student affairs offices and more
  • Low-E glass windows prevented cellular signal from entering the building




  • Students and faculty were able to use their cell phones indoors
  • Better experience for members at Lynn University
  • Strong, reliable signal from CEL-FI QUATRA

The Challenge

Founded in 1962, Lynn University is a private university located in Boca Raton, Florida that has been recognized as one of the top 25 most innovative universities in the United States. More than 3,000 students from 104 countries and 47 states and territories are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs and online at the school.
Recently, Lynn University unveiled its new University Center, which provides a central hub for students to gather for academic and social purposes. The three-story, 60,000 square-foot facility is filled with students eating, studying, collaborating with other students and faculty, and relaxing. It is also home to more than 50 employees, and houses the Center for Learning Abroad, Career and Alumni Connections, Student Affairs, and a Social Impact Lab.
“The student experience is central to our mission here at Lynn University,” explains Zach Minich, who works as an assistant project manager in the Office of Construction and Sustainability at the university. “We want to empower students to realize their full potential through innovative, global, and personalized experiences. That’s what makes our university so attractive to prospective students – and why they choose to remain here.”
Technology plays a key role in driving this innovation. For example, in 2012 Lynn University began providing incoming students with iPads in an effort to promote a transition to a more paperless environment. Now, approximately 80% of textbooks are online-only.
Equally as important – and attractive to students – is the school’s sustainability initiative. The University Center is a LEED-certified building, incorporating the latest in energy-efficient resources. These include Low-E glass windows, which feature a metallic film to improve heating, lighting, and cooling costs. Unfortunately, they also prevent cellular signals from reaching indoors.

The Solution

Lynn University engaged Nautilus RF, which specializes in in-building wireless systems, to help solve its in-building cellular coverage challenges. Initially interested in a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to address the problem, Lynn University quickly realized that it was cost-prohibitive and could take up to a year to install because it requires approval from all major carriers. That’s when Nautilus recommended the CEL-FI QUATRA active DAS hybrid from Nextivity.
“CEL-FI QUATRA was an easy sell,” says Mike Gratz, President of Nautilus RF. “Not only was it a more cost-effective solution, but it was already pre-approved by all of the major carriers, which expedites installation time significantly.” In fact, CEL-FI QUATRA was installed and turned on within three weeks.
“From the university’s standpoint, the process was very hands-off and non-invasive,” explains Minich. “Nautilus handled all of the prep work, which really only involved drilling through the ceiling to run the cable. There was no inconvenience to students, faculty, or staff.”
Nautilus RF installed six Network Units and 16 Coverage Units throughout the University Center, using category cable to connect them. Four donor antennas were mounted on the roof – one for reach carrier – to hone in on each respective tower and maximize signal strength. When Gratz and his team went into the head end room on the third floor to power on CEL-FI QUATRA, they immediately saw green lights – indicating that the system was working as advertised.

The Results

Following the deployment, feedback was swift and positive.
“We asked people to put the system through the ringer, and they did,” says Gratz. “They were able to text pictures and videos with no problems whatsoever.”
Students, faculty, and staff at the University Center can now use their cell phones indoors thanks to strong, reliable signals powered by CEL-FI QUATRA.
“We no longer see groups of people congregating on the patio to make a call or send a text,” says Minich. “CEL-FI QUATRA definitely makes their lives easier and more convenient, and adds to the experience we’re trying to provide at Lynn University.”
  • Boosts FirstNet Bands 12 and 14
  • 4G / LTE Voice and Data
  • Up to 15,000 ft2 (1,500 m2) of Coverage
  • Indoor / Outdoor NEMA 4 Rated

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