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Public Safety advances in manufacturing

Public Safety Communications Sees Major Advancements for Manufacturing with CEL-FI QUATRA RED Summary Challenge State-of-the-art electric vehicle manufacturing facilities under construction needed to meet fire safety code requirements Remote location and building material inhibited public safety or cellular signals from entering two buildings ranging in size from 200,000 to 600,000 square fee Solution CEL-FI QUATRA […]

Improved connection for First Responders

CEL-FI Improves Communication and Response Time for City of Denton First Responders Request a Free Consultation Summary Challenge Located in Texas, the City of Denton is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with more than 135,000 people calling it home. The Denton Fire/Rescue Department has been providing residents with first-responder services since […]

GO RED solves critical communication

Summary Challenge Eaton County Central Dispatch building is located in a rural area with a subterranean room The building is comprised of dense building materials Lack of cellular coverage in a 3,000 square foot basement Solution CEL-FI GO RED Results Coverage in the facility for training sessions and meetings Confidence that it will work in […]

Cellular for underground parking garage

Cellular for underground parking garage CEL-FI QUATRA drives cellular coverage underground in commercial parking garage Request a Free Consultation Summary Challenge A skyscraper that features a 400,000 ft2 parking garage with 850 spaces and a mechanical room. Because it is underground and made of concrete and steel, the office tenants were not able to continue, […]