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Where to Buy in the United States

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Products Available: CEL-FI GO G32, PRO

Distributors for Solution Providers

For enterprise, public safety, or consumer installations, CEL-FI solutions are available through Nextivity’s authorized distributors below.

Carrier and Government Approved

Nextivity solutions have been proven safe and are in use on over 200 networks worldwide.

Inquiries and Estimates:

Looking to equip your building with the most powerful coverage solution on the market? CEL-FI Certified Professionals leverage the most advanced tools in the industry to delver custom coverage solutions to address your cellular needs. Solve your connectivity problems with CEL-FI solutions.

Other Regions

Globally approved by nearly 200 mobile network operators in 100 countries. CEL-FI is available in most regions through distributors, their resellers / integrators, or directly from the local mobile network provider.