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Cel-Fi QUATRA RED is designed to provide coverage in the most difficult and complicated buildings and structures to ensure complete-code compliant coverage throughout the facility.


  • Our most advanced in-building technology built into an ERCES Public Safety Solution.
  • Built for integrators, AHJ’s, and building owners to get a faster Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Solving communication problems during a time of crisis. Saving Lives.


QUATRA RED is designed to provide consistent coverage in the most challenging building structures and to guarantee full compliance with the most current fire codes.

  • Class A with 56 Channels
  • Class B with 28 Channels (100 kHz & 150 kHz)
  • 700/800 MHz for Public Safety with dedicated FirstNet
  • Automatic Isolation
  • Automatic Uplink / Downlink Calculation
  • Talk-out Guarantee
  • Scalable All-Digital PoE
  • Built-in Remote Monitoring

More Information

The Cel-Fi QUATRA RED Class A or Class B 700MHz/800MHz channelized Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement System (ERCES) was designed with the needs of First Responders, Building Owners, Installers, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) considered. The QUATRA RED is a complete solution, each component fully-compliant with the current International Fire Code (IFC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

As the public safety community evolves to include cellular LTE support, the QUATRA RED is the only solution that offers true carrier-grade channelized support for FirstNet. Both LMR and LTE aggregated at the head-end, digitally-distributed over Category cable, and retransmitted through a single serving antenna or DAS field.

QUATRA RED is the first and only solution in the market that can easily be scaled from a single donor “BDA” deployment at 1 or 2 watts to a full-blown (single donor) “Fiber DAS” up to 12 watts.

QUATRA RED is best-in-class with 56 individually configurable channels (700 MHz and 800 MHz) and 1W downlink per Coverage Unit (CU) per band. Best-in-class channelized uplink squelch and channelized uplink automatic gain control (AGC), inherited from Nextivity’s carrier-grade LTE technology platform, unconditionally guarantees no interference to base stations and optimizes signal quality.

QUATRA RED includes all standard alarms, supports all NFPA and IFC-required monitoring, and connects to Nextivity’s carrier-grade, SOC 2 (Type 1)-certified WAVE portal, providing best-in-class on-demand remote monitoring, not just for standard alarms but also to ensure system KPIs.

Where competing products require integrators to purchase pieces and parts from a variety of vendors to create a complete solution, the QUATRA RED solution offers everything from the head end (Network Unit or NU), remotes (Coverage Unit or CU), Battery Back-up and Monitoring (MBBU), Remote Annunciator, Emergency Power-off Switch (EPO), and an As-Built Box. All NEMA 4X rated and optimized together.


  • Concurrent FirstNet Cellular and Public Safety Radio In-Building Coverage
  • 3G / 4G / LTE / P25 / Analog
  • Cat 5 (Ethernet) RF lossless distribution
  • Support for all FirstNet LTE bands (2, 4, 14, 12)
    100 dB gain

    • 21-23 dBm UL power (depending on band)
    • 24 dBm DL power per CU
    • Antenna pointing algorithm to optimize FirstNet donor signals
  • Support for 700 MHz and 800 MHz
    • 100 dB gain
    • 26 dBm UL power
    • 30 dBm DL power (1W per band)
    • Class A device with up to 56 channels, 12.5 kHz filter bandwidth
    • Class B device with up to 28 channels, 100 kHz, 150 kHz configurable via WAVE portal
    • System Group Delay @ 12.5 kHz (usec) (Class A): 28
    • System Group Delay @ 100 kHz / 150 kHz (usec) (Class B): 15 / 13.6
    • Automatic UL and DL gain setting for Public Safety Channels ensure no interference of critical First Responder communications
    • Industry best Talk-In and Talk-Out performance due to real-time, slot-to-slot gain control
  • Total Power consumption (1x NU + 6x CUs) – 450W Max at 48V.
  • NEMA 4X Rated, UL 2524 compliant
  • Remote Management through WAVE Portal

QUATRA RED Monitor & Battery Backup Unit

The Monitor and Battery Backup Unit (MBBU) is the central point of the Cel-Fi QUATRA RED system. It provides constant direct current, alarming, monitoring and battery charging capabilities. Integrates a wireless LTE modem and a wired Ethernet port for remote access to all the components via the Cel-Fi WAVE Portal or the WAVE PRO app. The system is NEMA 4 rated and listed to UL2524. Two versions are available to optimize power requirements and installation costs.

QUATRA RED Remote Annunciator Panel

The Cel-Fi QUATRA RED Remote Annunciator Panel provides automatic supervisory signals for malfunctions of the ERRCS solution. Rated NEMA 4, it complies with Chapter 10 of NFPA 72 and section 9.6.13 of NFPA 1221. The PoE architecture allows for a quick installation and alarm configuration. The unit includes a FORM-C cable compatible with any fire alarm control panel (open or short circuits).

QUATRA RED Emergency Power-off Switch

Cel-Fi’s QUATRA RED Emergency Power Off Switch (EPO) can instantaneously shut down the ERRCS solution from a single point to eliminate the risk of combustion caused by electricity or static. Designed to prevent inadvertent operation and can be installed in any location designated by the authority having jurisdiction.

QUATRA RED Network Unit

The Network Unit (NU) processes FirstNet and LMR off-air signals digitally to provide reliable and interference-free coverage. PoE based architecture and Cel-Fi patented algorithms for automatic setting of uplink and downlink gain, reduces time and cost of installation significantly, making Cel-Fi QUATRA RED the most compelling public safety solution in the market.

QUATRA RED Coverage Unit

The Coverage Unit (CU) amplifies FirstNet and LMR signals up to 24 dBm and 30 dBm output power. The ease of installation plus the SelfOrganizing Edge Intelligence makes Cel-Fi’s QUATRA RED the most compelling solution in the market.

Cel-Fi RED EPO Back
Cel-FI RED RA Front