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CEL-FI PRO gets a five-bar thumbs up from Chris Voss

During the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Chris Voss dropped by our table at Showstoppers to take a look at our CEL-FI PRO. He loved the idea and requested a review unit he could take home for a test drive. It wasn’t long before he posted a glowing review of the product on his YouTube channel.

Chris was included on Forbes magazine’s list of the Top 50 Social Media influencers two years running, and is among the top 1% of people searched for on LinkedIn, so we wanted to do our part and spread the good word. So check out his review on his website or on his YouTube channel.

He had lots of great things to say about CEL-FI PRO. Like the fact it’s plug and play and insanely simple to install; it improves clarity and reduces dropped calls. His final verdict? “Definitely, these units work and they do a great job.”

But our favourite part of the video is around the 4:15 mark when he says, “Holy crap, we got a 100% signal!”

And that my friends, says it all.

Have you test driven a CEL-FI PRO yet? Tell us what you think.

By the CEL-FI Team