How to Boost your Cell Phone Signal in your Small Office Space


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As a small business owner, there is nothing more frustrating than dropped calls or a spotty connection as a result of poor indoor cellular coverage in your office. At Nextivity, we solve these challenges by developing award-winning products that ensure mobile subscribers have optimal signal coverage indoors. The question however, is which is the best smart signal booster for you?

If you are in a small office environment (from 10,000 sq. ft. up to 15,000 sq. ft. depending on the CEL-FI booster selected), your coverage issues can be solved within minutes. The first step is to determine which carriers you need to support so that you can select the right CEL-FI Smart Signal Boosters for the appropriate mobile networks. In the U.S., CEL-FI PRO is designed for use on the AT&T network; Verizon customers will use CEL-FI DUO+; and CEL-FI DUO is for T-Mobile customers. (If you are outside the U.S., CEL-FI is available for nearly 200 carriers around the world.)

Once you are ready to set up CEL-FI, you might be surprised at how remarkably simple and quick (less than 15 minutes) the installation process can be. While CEL-FI Smart Signal Boosters are designed to be carrier specific, we do support multi-carrier, multi-system installations.

So let’s begin. These systems are comprised of two parts – the Network Unit (NU) which receives the signal from a nearby cellular tower and amplifies it; and the Coverage Unit (CU) which distributes the boosted signal to the areas within your office where you need a good cellular signal.

Step 1: Find where the cellular signal is strongest in your office (usually near a window). As the bars on your handset may not show true signal strength, you can follow the steps to help you find the spot in your office where you get the strongest signal.

Step 2: Place the Network Unit in that spot and plug it in.

Step 3: Place the Coverage Unit in the area where you have a weak signal and plug it in. The self-configuring features built into CEL-FI will do the rest – there’s no need for cabling or to adjust settings. Simply plug it in and it works.

As you can tell, we pride ourselves on the advanced technology we build into our smart signal boosters to ensure installation is as fast and easy as possible.

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