Cel-Fi QUATRA External Modem

Manage your Cel-Fi devices remotely

The LX40 modem may be used to provide wireless internet connectivity to Cel-Fi devices with LAN Ethernet management ports if a suitable wired network connection is not available.

With an internet connection, you will be able to remotely manage your Cel-Fi devices using the Cel-Fi WAVE Portal. With the WAVE portal, you can apply settings, track performance, view alarms, troubleshoot and more.

For Cel-Fi systems with LAN and LAN OUT ports, you may serially connect up to four Network Units.

For Cel-Fi systems with a single LAN port, you may connect multiple Cel-Fi systems through an Ethernet Switch. The number of connected devices depends on the modem’s data rate (speed). Connecting too many devices may slow down the connection speed per device, or it may prevent devices from showing up on the portal.


_ › Refer to the modem User Guide.

_ › If you do not see your system on the WAVE portal, please use the Request Access feature on the Access tab (lower left on the portal screen). If a problem occurs, please contact your point of sale for assistance.
_ › If you do not see all of your Cel-Fi systems on the portal, or if the portal is having difficulties receiving data from your systems, this is often due to a slow cellular connection. Try to improve the modem antenna signal by checking the antenna and antenna connection to the modem. If necessary, use an outdoor cellular antenna (not included).

For information about setting up your modem and SIM card, please refer to the LX40 User Guide.
(Requires registration on the SIERRA WIRELESS website)

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