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CEL-FI Products Support 5G

CEL-FI products support 3G / 4G / 5G operator networks. 5G support depends on when network operators deploy 5G signals in the bands supported by your hardware. 5G support is available for CEL-FI QUATRA 1000/2000/4000, GO G32, and SOLO products that have applied the 5G Cel- Fi WAVE software update. CEL-FI cellular coverage solutions will continue to function seamlessly as carriers refarm their networks from 3G / 4G / LTE to include 5G as software upgrades will be made over-the-air (OTA) via CEL-FI WAVE, the software platform that activates, optimizes, and manages CEL-FI products. Multiple variations of 5G have begun to roll out beginning this past year, with new cities being added monthly.

The CEL-FI product can only boost 5G signal in the bands that are supported by the hardware, with up to 100 dB Max Gain (1000x Stronger). The software update includes support for 5G- DSS (with auto configuration) and 5G-NR NSA and SA (with manual configuration). Following the software update, systems boosting 5G-NR NSA and SA signals will need to be manually configured. As network operators enable 5G signals in various markets, the system configurations will become available in partnership with the network operators as quickly as possible.

How is 5G delivered?

First, it is important to understand how 5G is delivered, and what the planned use cases are. 5G is not actually one thing, but is instead a variety of related services that will be deployed and iterated over the next several years. When planning for 5G in your building, it is important to have a clear understanding of the technologies and time frame you are planning for. The first fundamental distinction is the frequencies over which 5G will be delivered: either < 6 GHz or mmWave (28+ GHz).

What is 5G mmWave?

5G mmWAVE technology operates in the 28 GHz and 39 GHz spectrum and is able to deliver extremely high data rates to end users. But there is a down side: these higher frequencies have extremely poor propagation characteristics, requiring a very dense “line-of-sight” infrastructure.

What is 5G Sub-6GHz?

When discussing the cell network for the end customer, 5G in bands below 6 GHz are much more relevant to building owners. Operators are leveraging spectrum in < 6 GHz to expand their 5G network via 5G-DSS and 5G-NR to support the new devices and enhance user experience.

CEL-FI 5G Upgrade: 5G-DSS Auto-Configuration

5G-DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) is a technology that is used by network operators to share their spectrum between 4G LTE services and 5G services, in a single hybrid channel. For 5G- DSS in existing product supported bands, you only need to update your CEL-FI software using the WAVE App or WAVE Portal.

CEL-FI 5G Upgrade: 5G-NR NSA and SA Manual-Configuration

5G-NR is a new implementation technology, that has Non-Standalone (NSA) mode and Standalone (SA) mode available to deliver 5G. SA allows your phone to directly connect to a 5G network, just like it connects to LTE network today. NSA requires your phone to connect to a 4G LTE signal to tell your phone how to access the 5G signals. For 5G-NR, you need to update the system and manually configure your system. By Q3 2021, you will be able to do this by using the WAVE App. Until such time, CEL-FI integrators can learn how to enable this feature on CEL-FI University.

The award-winning CEL-FI family of products provide reliable, ubiquitous cellular coverage. Your CEL-FI device automatically determines the best bands to relay, leaving you with best possible service.